May 7, 2011

our fun with five : this week

It's baseball season again for Mason & Eric. Practice is daily, but they've played just two games so far due to weather, field conditions, or other schools not having teams.
7th grade is winding down..  last week's midterm reports showed straight A's.
The lives of active 7th graders are busy, we see them just a few short hours on week days.  Dinner (a.k.a. feeding frenzy for these two) & bedtime are a busy time at our house.
Thank goodness for weekends. They're working on Tech projects this weekend.
Hopefully we'll get a few more ball games in during the couple weeks left of the season.  Eric pitching here, Mason catching.  They're powerful hitters. 
Johnathan's 2nd grade class presented the play, The Unusual Watermelon, last Friday.  He played a watermelon farmer. 
I knew he was going to be a farmer, since we had gathered clothes at home for him to dress the part...  (beau's garden hat, couldn't find any overalls to fit him- so he wore a pair of Eric's old jeans over his own, held up with twine suspenders.)  ..But we were in for quite a surprise when we sat down in those little second grade chairs, and Johnathan opened the act with solo lines.   My heart swelled up with joy watching him.  He's only ever done lines together in pairs or groups in all past school presentations.   He's quiet.  They all are - none of our kids have ever done a solo part before.  It just hasn't been their thing.  (or mine either at that age.)  Johnathan was the perfect watermelon farmer.  The play was great.  
We're so thankful to his teacher this year for how great she's been with Johnathan - she really seems to understand his personality.
He received the Good Character Award for April...  for "being a cooperative, serious student, who cares about his work being his best."   
He spends his afternoons & evenings getting muddy & loving spring.  Spring just seems like Johnathan's time of year.   He notices the subtle changes in nature every day.
Now that it's May, Lilly is counting down the days left of 1st grade, and counting down the days 'til she turns seven at the end of the month.  She & Johnathan had track & field day yesterday.  She ran out of room on her bedroom walls for all her artwork & had to refresh & rearrange this week.  Our fridge is the snazziest around, thanks to her endless notes & pictures & decorating.  She received an Artist Award at school for April, for "Beautiful Art!"
She's been riding bike, playing in forts, and I snapped this photo of her on the way up the driveway after school Thursday.     
I continue to treasure this time with Beau, time that isn't divided from home yet.
We've been filling our days with exploration.  Puddles, sunshine, bird watching, long walks through water & woods.  Playing "Mom & Teenager."  (I'm supposed to call him Teenager, and he acts extra helpful & busy.  Oh, and he always ties a shirt around his waste.) 
He had his four year check up last week.  Doing fantastic.  He drew a person with ten fingers & toes for the doctor.  She said at this age they only look for arms & legs. 
He enjoys our outings to baseball games, school plays, track & field & more - but he's so happy during our days spent off the clock, roaming free.  So much a kid can gain from studying ponds, tadpole eggs, & sticks sent flowing through culverts.    
Just a few more weeks and the others will get to join him again for the summer. 

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  1. good combo of a pitcher and a catcher! at least they are not fighting for the same position!