May 1, 2011


"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."   - John Rukin

Good reminder as we embraced yet a little more snow this May Day, 2011.  
A look back at our April:

April 4.   An evening walk across fields & through forest.   Snow crunchy & still knee-deep or better in places.
 Open water, expanding.  Daylight, too.
 April 8.  Smith Creek walk.  Beautiful day, spent celebrating the finer things.
Beau & I went out for a walk across Granny & Grampa's field, to see the pond & fox holes.
He's put a lot of Spring miles on those little legs.  I think he could have fallen asleep right there, with the sun shining warm on him, chewing on his piece of straw.
He raced me back, though, & won.
On our way home, I had to jump out of the car to get a closer look at these "Rabey" willows. 
This is where I picked the first bouquet for our table this year, during our last visit. 
They grow near the mail box of an exceptional man named Warren, who's memorial service was this day, and they glowed like the colors of the rainbow.   Warren was a wonderful neighbor & friend to my parents.  We'll miss seeing him drive up to their house & visiting at their kitchen table.   
April 10.  It rained.  My lens was hard to keep dry, and I got real muddy.  I'm crazy for beads of water.  They sure were clinging to the trees this day.

April 11 we heard a few frogs. Johnathan spotted thirteen of them in the small pond after school.
The evening of April 12, the ice went off the big pond.  Later that night the full frog chorus began.
The birds have been returning to sing, too.

April 16 we woke to a heavy blanket of snow.
Said birds were all in a tizzy, scratching through snow for food.  
All winter long the bold red of the sumac in the backyard remained the only color around. 
On this morning, the robins cleaned every last speck of scarlet in a few short hours.

Spring flurry:  Sumac.  Snow.  Robins.  Pussy willows.
We enjoyed a gorgeous Easter Sunday. 
April 25, I found Beau in swimming trunks, sunning just out the front door.
Sidewalk chalk is back in order.   Tadpole eggs being watched in the pond.
We discovered cowslips popping up in the stream & swamp.  
A happy sign of May flowers to come.
Starting to see green on the ground.
30 hrs later, April 27:  
We've had plenty of freezing temps & three rounds of snow since I switched the furnace to "summer / low" mode.  
Hope the birds are keeping those nest eggs warm!  


  1. oh my goodness what BEAUTIFUL pictures you have there Amanda! and I LOVE your quote! what a great one to remember! Spring time is a great one for me to get me motivated to get all those last minute projects done that I know I am not going to want to get done over the summer I LOVE IT! But seriously your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and sweet little Beau! Handsome little guy what a cutie already for some summer sun bathing~

  2. Oh these Pictures are a treasure - breath achingly beautiful ... I start missing Finland in the the of April!!! I go back and see your Pictures once more ...