June 30, 2011

Fire Danger: Extreme [Northern Ontario 2011]

No photo effects here, this look is due to a large forest fire that was burning on Day 2 while away up north.
I had been dropped off at "the beach", a beautiful, natural sand shore just across from the point of our peninsula (the other dozens of miles are all rugged, rocky shore.)  Mitch & the kids had just left me there to wash up, when I noticed the heavy haze moving in on the lake, and then I smelled the hint of smoke in the air, and then I wondered where the fire was & if I'd have moose, bear, & wolves running from the fire toward me, out of the miles of woods at my back.  :)  
I didn't worry about it that much, but it did make you wonder where the fire danger was. 
We later found out it was a big one, to the southeast a ways.  
 It was a hot, dry day in the 80's.  The sky would have been blue & clear, but it was a strange gray & hazy.  The sun glowed an eerie orangish-red through the smoke.  Cinders & ash flew in the air, and flaoted on the water.
The sunlight that made it through the haze danced on the water like coppery pink glitter.

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