October 2, 2011

Q & A wedding day

My brother was married September 17th.  Twelve years since the last sister got married, it was kind of a big deal to have a wedding in the family again! 
I didn't get many photos, busy helping kids, visiting with relatives, & enjoying the evening.
But since it's not all that often that we're all in clean clothes at the same time, it was nice to get a couple of shots.
My mom sewed matching dresses for Lilly & my two-year-old niece.
Lilly likes to give dresses the spin test. 
This one was a spinner.
My brother & parents.               The newlyweds.
There were four generations present from both sides of our family tree.   
Beau & Lilly danced the night away.  
Always a good time seeing the cousins I grew up with, and special to see our children now dancing and playing as we once did together. 
Mason, Eric, & Johnathan found cousins & second cousins (and second cousins once removed?) to toss the football with into the night. 
My mom and brother danced to "What a wonderful world."   And my dad danced with all three of his daughters.  (And Lilly.)  
A fun evening.  Best wishes to Quince & Alissa starting their new life together as husband as wife. 

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