December 2, 2011

Johnathan: 9 years.

Johnathan turned nine years old in November. 
Nine wonderful, calm, steady years of curiosity, wonder, & gentleness toward the world around him.
For his brithday I made a chocolate chip "9" on his peanut butter & honey sandwich when I packed his lunch.  He chose to have just one friend join us after school to play.  Dad came home from working far away, to share dinner, cake & icecream with us that evening.  Dad also brought with him a new lego set, which he got started on building right away.  It was a good day.
He had three of his closest friends over the following Saturday, too.  For the past two years I've given him the option to choose anything he wants to do, anywhere he might like to have a party.  He has been very firm in wanting to have friends come over, at home, with a fire in the backyard.  So we had a little campfire and a good time.  More cake & icecream.  He stayed up late playing Farmopoly with a friend.  It was an easy & relaxed celebration that suited him perfectly. 
Around his birthday, I spent some time recalling, as I often have over the past nine years, the perfect & calm evening Johnathan was born.  And I've looked back on all the stages & adventures we've enjoyed as he's grown into the boy he is now. 
Johnathan at nine years:
As mentioned: calm, steady, curious, gentle - those words so accurately describe Johnathan.  I can't stress them enough.  Never waivering.  Always easy to be with, to live with, to have with, wherever we may be.

He's doing great in third grade.  He doesn't love school, but he has a good attitude about it and he's a great student.  He has a locker this year & is learning cursive writing.  He's very fond of his teacher, a little worried about getting a new one when she leaves at the mid-year.

Johnathan is a whole-hearted Lego enthusiast, very sharp & skilled at following building directions & reading plans.  He creates all kinds of cool stuff without plans, too.  Legos are his favorite art form.
He enjoys Monopoly & playing cards games. 
But mostly, Johnathan is an outdoorsman.  
Winter, summer, spring or fall, he loves being outside.
He was "green" before green was a trend or even a thing.  He's a conscientious guy about the environment and loves plants & wildlife.  He's still gentle and fascinated as ever with bugs & tadpoles & frogs & all related things. He's pretty much an expert on them.  Observant, Johnathan is very observant in nature.  He sees birds & spiders.  He hears the call of different frogs.
I've noticed he's had a fascination with the state of Alaska for a couple of years now. 
He loves fishing.  He wants a kayak.

He's grown almost 2 inches since I last measured him 8 months ago, now standing a light & lean 4 feet, 4 3/4 inches. 
Life's been full of action & new adventures since he turned nine.  He went to Lego Land, has had a couple of  sleepovers, & went to snowmobile races this weekend with a friend.   
He has many friends.  When he's with them, it's funny for me to hear them call him Johnny & John

He'll always be Johnathan to me.
"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen" 
-Winnie the Pooh