January 27, 2012

stringing popcorn and our animal tree

Time sure gets away from me.
Backing up a bit, I thought I'd post some more of our happenings leading up to the holidays.
During our 12 days of Creating, one night we popped popcorn & strung it in preparation for our animal tree.
When Mason & Eric were small, we began decorating an animal tree in the woods with treats for them to have on Christmas. I remember the year Johnathan was newborn, having him snug in a carrier inside my winter coat, as we walked out & made our holiday offering for the woodland creatures.
Then for a few years my mom hosted a similar event at her house, and invited a small tribe of cousins & kids.  One year we even made a hayride out of it.  The simplicity seemed to be slightly lost, though.. I recall once we made it there, kids throwing food at a tree in the cold, in a hurry to get back inside.   
It had been a while, now, since we had done an animal tree. I don't remember doing one at all in Beau's lifetime, and this Christmas I really wanted to get back to basics & enjoy some of the small, simple traditions of our holiday season. 
I wanted to take our time so that the kids could take part with care & thought.
So, we strung popcorn garland, along with garbanzo bean strings, and we stuck raffia loops into apple ornaments.
And when we were prepared, we took our box of goods to the woods & found a small, lone standing tree.  (this one was pretty straggly.. but it's hard to find one standing all on it's own, that we can reach the top of.  Most of the small ones are in clusters.)
We scattered apples & sunflower seeds under the tree, for the critters who are low to the ground.
For our star, we toasted a piece of bread, cut a star out of it with a cookie cutter, spread some peanut butter & dipped in sunflower seeds.

We hope the birds & animals had a very merry Christmas.


  1. I love this idea! So cute, and so sweet!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I'm sure the animals loved it. :)