March 5, 2012

Basketball: Mason & Eric's 8th grade year.

This afternoon was the first day ever that all five of our kids got off the school bus together.
Beau began pre-school classes a couple of afternoons a week, so he gets to ride the bus home those days.  And Mason & Eric's basketball season finished up Friday night, so it's the first we've seen much of them after school since practice began months ago. 
Their first game was the 2nd of December, their last - the 2nd of March.
We put on plenty of miles, but some schools were just too far to make it to on a school night with younger kids (as far as 260 miles round trip!) 
I think we made it to about 18 games total, of which I had my camera with only a handful. 
I've come to the realization that these action shots are almost exclusively the only way I've gotten photos of Mason & Eric for a couple of years now.  They abhor having their regular photo taken, but they really like action shots of themselves doing what they're passionate about (sports, fishing, hunting, etc.)  They actually spend time looking at old football photos on the computer nearly every day. 
So now I wish I'd had my camera with at every game.  And I'll be sure to be more consciously aware in the future - kids like photos of themselves doing the things they enjoy & are proud of.
I like those photos, too.   Here are some. 
Mason is #15, Eric #13. 
I haven't become a stat keeper yet.  I just get into watching the game, no clue how many points they may have put on the board. 
But that last photo, from way outside the 3 point line, was during the final game.  And I remember clearly that it was nothing but net.

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  1. Really enjoyed watching these games. Great bball players. And still young.

    Really good pics too.