March 22, 2012

sewing, pink projects & good finds

I love my sewing machine. 
My mom picked it up for a bargain from a nice lady at a rummage sale.  It's a Singer. 
It's ridiculously easy to thread.  It's an open arm machine! (what a difference to my mending world.)  The bobbin winder works!!  It has zigzag!!  And reverse!!  And more!!
These are all things I lacked in the previous sewing machines in my life.
It's pretty wonderful.

I recently scored a bag filled with several dozen colorful spools of thread at Goodwill for $2.99.  I could have paid that much for a single spool at Walmart.  Instead I got about fifty spools of fantastic colored thread, many of them the vintage wooden variety.   
These little big finds delight me.
A couple of weeks ago before our big spring meltdown, I went on a mending spree.
This is a pair of jeans I patched for Lilly.  Her little pant legs are super tiny.  I can only get in there to sew on the open arm, going crosswise on the leg.   So I used some colorful threads & gave her some jazzy patches.
I love mending.

Speaking of Goodwill finds..  A few trips prior to my great thread bonanza, I walked in and saw this pink velvet chair.  I was in the process of pink-ifying Lilly's bedroom, and was sold.  It was so.. pink!  And spotless.  And only $9.99!!     
(See her extreme new pink wall?  Uffda.)
I didn't care for the drab antiqued finish on the wood, though.  So I brightened it up with a five minute paint job.  It's very comfortable, and I think it's much cuter now.
My sewing / craft / exercise / utility room is getting a bit of an overhaul.  Our old kitchen cabinets are going in there.  Happy about that.  It's been a bit of a dungeon all these years.  I'll be creating up a storm again soon.  
The laundry room is going to get some attention next.  
Much home improving & creating going on.  Lots of re-purposing & good finds, too.


  1. I love your jean patching job & the chair make over & the vintage thread! Have fun sprucing up your home!

  2. Thanks, Naomi. You should see the Soumi T-shirt I found the other day! Still new with tags on, I was pretty pumped up about that. :)

  3. Oooh! I love the wooden spools. Yay for pink and Lily. :) Great finds!

  4. Hi Amanda! I love the wooden spools too. I have a few of them too. My brother found a grocery bag of old (mostly cheap unusable) spools of thread, but there were several of these neat old wooden ones in there too. I just love to look at them. Maybe now I'll be brave and use some of that fancy coral colored thread on them.

  5. I love that pink chair! The thread is a great find, too, specially if some is on wooden spools.