April 21, 2012

Vintage industrial lighting. Good find.

I came across light fixtures for the kitchen this past week and am so thrilled with them.
Vintage Benjamin porcelain enamel pendants.  I wonder where they used to hang.  A warehouse?  A barn?
They show some character, but cleaned up beautifully. 
I was feeling somewhat guilty for what I ended up paying for them, even though I knew it was an excellent deal.  I've been eying up some barn lights at the big building retail chain, and I got these three solid, vintage beauties for much less than foreign-made new ones would have cost.
But still, I'm not much for splurging, and I was feeling a little guilty.
Until today I googled them.  And found them going for up to ten times what I "splurged."
I can't wait to hang them!


  1. Lovely. Did you hang them yet?

  2. We did! I need to get photos of the completion.
    We remodeled our kitchen over the past year or so ago, and I've been meaning to take good photos of that, too. it's on the list. :)
    Love these lights. I didn't realize how bad the old ones were until I got these.

  3. I still need to take after photos.. they made my kitchen complete!
    There is a photo of the third one hanging in our entryway here http://ourfunwithfive.blogspot.com/2012/07/factory-findings-industrial-fan-vintage.html

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Love the lighting! Would love to see photos of the lights in action and feature you on my blog about vintage lighting. I work for Barn Light Electric and we sell lights very much like these. Would be happy to share your photo of your lights and hear more about how you found them. My email address is Betty@barnlightelectric.com.