May 5, 2012

Coffe Cup Cakes in One Minute.

The kids & I had dinner at my sister's last Friday. She kept the younger kids over night & took them on a trip to my Grandma's the next day to bake Grandma Bread while we spent eight cold, windy hours at a baseball tournament with the older boys.
Anyway, my sister introduced us to what she called "Baby Cakes." They're a hit here at our house.  Especially with Mason & Eric, who have bottomless appetites, a thing for treats, and a recent interest (but lack of sense.. another story) in the baking department.
Yes, these are easy enough for even 14 year old boys to make without disasterizing the kitchen.
Mitch wanted to change their name. (Baby Cakes not manly enough?)
So I'm calling them Coffee Cup Cakes.
Not to be confused with coffee cake or cupcakes.
Here's the How To:
In a food storage container, mix
1 box white cake mix + 1 box angel food cake mix.
That's it.

When you feel like whipping up a nice little dessert:
Grab a coffee cup & add
3 T. cake mix + 2 T. water.
Stir well, making sure to scrape around the bottom edges of your cup.
Microwave for 1 minute.

You could save on dishes & eat it right in the cup.
Or you can wiggle & shake it a bit, to loosen your cake, and plop it onto a plate.

Top as desired with jam or preserves or sauce.  Fruit, caramel, chocolate.. I'm thinking about making a batch of rhubarb sauce.
They make perfect little strawberry shortcakes. 
I don't have whipped cream on hand, but it was requested & sure would look good in these photos.
Mason & Eric remember how to make them easily with the 3, 2, 1 rule. 

Our coffee cups are on the tall & skinny side, so I cut the cake below in half so it could sit on a plate better.
In the photo above with just strawberry preserves, I used a wider cup.
There it is.  Warm dessert in seconds.  Super light, tasty.  Couldn't be quicker or more simple.
(Thanks, Kristy!) 


  1. You need a like button on your blog! I like the pictures. Almost made a little cake myself!

    1. I actually just noticed that there kind of IS a like button - at the bottom of the post there are tiny squares you can click on to share to facebook and more! :)

  2. wow these look YUMMY...making them tomorrow, ez asked me just today if we could make a cake tomorrow and the kids were all arguing over whose cake it was going to be...I think you absolutely solved my problem! Oh what a lifesaver you are :) THANK YOU!

  3. AMANDA...these are SO YUMMY...the kids love them!

    1. Aren't they great? Our kids love them too. :)

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  5. Dessert is looking so yummy !! give me a spoon :)

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