May 4, 2012

May Flowers (MN native wildflowers)

Yesterday I had three hours completely to myself while Beau was at preschool.
I'm neither rejoicing nor complaining about that.  It's just something I'm not all that used to, after being a full time mom with at least a kid or two around for fourteen and a half years.
Particularly not during normal daylight hours.
Anyway, we've been on the go all week with baseball games, errands & projects.  And as we've come & gone, I've been keeping a close eye on the spring wildflower situation. The marsh marigolds have been bursting open in all their golden glory.  May 2nd I spotted our first blood root bloom.
So with a few hours at my disposal after dropping Beau off to school, I parked the vehicle before I even got to the house.  Got my Muck Boots out of the back.  And hit the woods.  (I'd been in flip-flops & didn't even have socks on, and now have a blister.  That's just how eager I was.)
 Marsh marigold
Fuzzy young fiddleheads
Wild Ginger
Wood Anemone
Wild Violets
Trillium soon to bloom.
Need to identify this widely blossoming tree.  Help, if you know!
Also saw wild strawberry blossoms.  Young Jack in the Pulpit.  Thick patches of False Lily of the Valley.  The distinct leaves of the Bluebead Lily. 
Many of these are coming along very early in comparison to last year.
I love our Minnesota wildflowers.  Something new blooming almost every day now. 
Happy May!

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