May 7, 2012

Vintage Industrial Clock. Good find.

I know it's wrong to love things.
But I caught sight of this old school/factory clock & was smitten.
It's huge (about 18 inches across.)  It's the clock of my dreams.

It hung in a fantastic old city building that was a rec. center in the 60's. Later it was turned into a garment factory. The factory recently closed it's doors and the building was emptied.
Funny thing, I spotted the clocks right away, and got really excited, and they weren't even for sale.  They'd been overlooked by the auction crew. 
So I asked about them, and everything had to go.. 
The clock's new home is our very own. (Temporarily placed for now. It's electric & some wiring needs to be addressed in order for it to hang in a suitable place with a plug-in.)

I now know it's a vintage Gibraltar factory or school clock, made in the U.S.A. in the time my  grandparents represented the workforce.  Date of manufacture stamped March 28, 1961.
It's still keeping perfect time.
Here it is hanging with our pots & pans when I was eager to take a photo.  The surroundings offer perspective to it's size.
The kids love the gliding second hand.
It'll be great for timing their math fact homework.
(I just love it altogether and will smile whenever I glance at the time.)
Hard to come by, but I did find another Gibraltar clock online, smaller version, and appears not as good of shape, priced at 97% more.
($845. Oh, my stars!) 
Factory Twenty
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  1. Definitely a great clock!

    Does the second hand make that nostalgic old-clock "tick tick tick" sound?

  2. It actually just glides smoothly. We're all mesmerized. :)