May 9, 2012

Where We Went Wednesday: Canal Park, Duluth, MN

We had to make a trip to Duluth today. Mitch met with his material salesman, and we picked up a truckload of stuff.
Over the past couple of years it's become kind of a special treat for Beau & I to get to be out & about with Dad on a weekdays like this.
When we're through with all things work-related, we have lunch down by Canal Park at our favorite place. Then we go for a walk. Beau always wants to see the big ship nearby. We might stroll under the lift bridge before it's time to get on the road home. 
It's also a treat visiting Canal Park mid-week when it's not crowded with people.
I had my camera along during another one of these special days last March.

Duluth, in all my memory, is usually chilly or windy (or both.)
Today was beautiful. Warm, and as calm as the water on Lake Superior ever gets.

Lunch was good and then we went to see the big ship. 
We're usually downtown throughout winter & earlier spring months.  Summer gets busy, for us, and for Canal Park, where it gets ridiculous just trying to finding a place to park. 
This is the first time in many visits that the slips were in.
As I was taking a picture of Dad & Beau, they spotted another big ship leaving the harbor. 
This one was really booking.  I only caught a photo of the tail end of it as it passed under the lift bridge.
We walked over to the pier & the park.  The rocks were warm from the sunshine, it was nice hanging out on them a while.
Beau found a chalk rock.
He & Dad skipped rocks across the water and I came home with a couple of pockets full of my favorite washed-smooth ones.
I think I was born a rock picker. 
I still have rocks from Canal Park that I collected as a kid. 
Beau tried to sneak up on a seagull.  We played a little more by the rocks & water. 
And then it was time to head home to meet the other kids after school.

On our walk back to the truck, I took my usual crossing-the-street photo of the lift bridge.
This time I actually had a second or two before traffic came & I got a clear shot.
Lucky day.

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