June 3, 2012

Lilly's Birthday : 8 years old.

Lilly's birthday was this week. 
This was the first time her birthday occurred during the school year for her, so she had four friends come home on the bus.  They had a very busy time.  They kayaked,  played piano,  built with Legos,  got wet & muddy looking for turtles & tadpoles.  They colored & giggled & munched.
Lilly's treat requests this year were cheese puffs, watermelon, and strawberry cake.
I'm not much of a planner / theme-er / decorator when it comes to parties.  Usually I'm just doing my best to get the frosting whipped onto the cake on time.  We do cake.  Ice cream.  And balloons.  The birthday kid always gets to choose the menu.  Simple works for me, over structured never has.
I had planned on hanging balloons from our ceiling this year, but didn't have time to bring in a ladder.  (They have more fun playing with them, anyway.)
I did put a wide runner of paper on the table, from a big roll we had on hand, & set out markers in jars & pots.  This was a hit.  The kids had fun doodling, drawing & leaving silly notes & birthday greetings for Lilly.  (I feel like doing this for every day!)
And though we didn't get them hung, we made some tissue paper flowers / pom poms (via Martha Stewart's how to.)
Ours are a little shabby & squished.. they were batted & volleyed around the living room quite a bit before I took this photo.
Our new (old) piano! ^
I'm hoping to line up lessons for Lilly the 8 year old.

For her birthday she wished for a new kickball (hers got popped.)  She was pretty tickled to get a "girl" Lego set, too.  She has barely stopped playing with it.

She wanted to have a bonfire for her birthday, but it had been chilly (and a school night) that day, so we waited until Saturday.  It was a beautiful evening for some kickball & a campfire in the back yard.
Happy birthday, Lilly.   We love you!


  1. Looks like a lovely party to me! Happy belated Birthday Lilly!

  2. Looks like Lilly had a great time! And she looks very happy with her Lego set! You made practical and beautiful décor with the chic paper flower decoration that is matched by pink balloons. The cake also looks so delicious. I hope I can bake one without burning it, LOL!

    Nita Digirolamo

  3. Lilly’s birthday was simple, yet I’m sure she enjoyed every moment of it and treasured the memories forever. It was so sweet of you to grant all of her treat requests and thinking of making the occasion a little more special with those pink balloons.

    Carlene Boley