June 2, 2012

Upcycled Magazine Files (family paper organization)

Our household consumes a lot of cereal.   We particularly go through box after box of Malt-o-Meal 50% more cereal.  Honey Bunches of Oats, Frosted Flakes & Honeynut Cheerios are our favorites.
Every year I save cracker & cereal boxes as we get close to the holidays, as they make great boxes for wrapping presents for under the tree.  
Last winter, I had some of these larger cereal boxes set aside in my gift wrapping area, when clearing space one day, I happened to put a stack of school papers & kid art in one.   
I noticed the box was the perfect size for filing these, and (as per my usual) an idea proceeded.  

I love magazine files, but I'm not much of a shopper & find them to be expensive for what they are. 
So, here you go.   Re-used, free, & easy!  (and in my opinion, they're even nice to look at.)

I removed the top flaps from the boxes & then marked & cut them to preference. 
You want your boxes to measure a little more than 8.5" x 11".   Berry Crunch worked best for us.  :)
I marked mine 6 inches down, and 5 inches in from a top corner and used a straight edge to connect the dots, making lines to cut along.

Then I broke out some maps saved from various road trips & Mod Podged them right on. 
I love maps & can't seem to part with them after we travel, but they don't do much good in a drawer somewhere (or in one of those aforementioned paper stacks.)  This was a nice way to use / display some of them. 

If you can wrap a present neatly,  you can decoupage a cereal box.
I was selective so that the most desirable parts of the maps would end up displayed, highlighting places we've been.  Here is Mammoth Cave National Park, where we went as a family back in 2008.
I plan to make at least five of these, to have one for each kid's current school papers.
The paper shuffle with five kids & a business ran out of our house can get pretty stacked up. 
Any amount of organizing and de-cluttering is a good, good thing!


  1. This is super awesome- two great ideas in one project! I totally agree with you about the organizers- many a time have I gone to the store with the express purpose of buying some, but then left empty handed because I just couldn't spend that much money on something so cheap! And the map idea is fabulous- I have so many travel memorbilia that's just too big to put in a scrapbook just sitting in a drawer!