July 31, 2012

Confessions of a Northwoods Housewife.

As I was working on some quiet projects today, I had a lot of time to think.  Also, these songs kept coming on the radio that I know all the words to. 
Finally, I decided to get some things off my chest.   So, here goes.

I only left home once last week. 
We got home from Canada Sunday night.  I didn't leave again until Friday when I picked Mason & Eric up from Driver's Ed.  (where I didn't even get out of the car or see anyone.)  
I promise I'm not a hermit, and I do stay busy here.
I did roam around the property & a couple of miles into the woods picking raspberries.

Today I swapped out furniture in Lilly's room for the zillionth time.  I'm either hopelessly indecisive or a little obsessive compulsive. 

I like Dido.  
Go ahead and judge.

I had a strange, vivid dream while up in Canada, the main theme being that I got a (specific) tattoo.  Throughout the past week I actually started image searching ideas for that tattoo, entertaining the idea of getting it.  
I already have a tattoo, which I got on my fifteenth birthday & is my only tangible regret in life.  I've never wanted for another.  Why is this happening to me!?!

I like ABBA, too. 

I feel terrible about this and it's sad for me to confess.
Yesterday I mowed a leopard frog when I was mowing the grass down the edge of our driveway.   I happened to stop & back up to avoid a rock, and that's when I saw him, badly injured, but still alive & able to move some.  Twice, I wailed, "OH, NOOOO!"  Followed by a hysterical, "I'M SO SORRY!"   I fought back tears as I had to end his suffering.     
I did save two tiny toads & a tiny tree frog, and dodged a few other leopard frogs.  I'm usually so vigilant about scanning the grass & protecting their safety.
It was a bad mowing day.  

One time I yelled at a referee at one of Mason & Eric's basketball games.  (For shame, I know.  I confess - my kids have made me into a sports mom.)
This giant kid (who looked at least 3 grades older than everyone in the tournament) had the ball, and Eric, playing good defense guarding him, had him trapped.  The giant kid got the look of rage in his face, & started very intentionally swinging his big, sharp elbow as hard as could at Eric's throat.  (The elbow is the strongest point in the human body, FYI.)
After a late whistle, the ref went over to the scorekeeper's table & called a foul on the giant kid (no intentional foul or ejection, just a foul) AND a foul on Eric.  At which time I stood up & furiously yelled, "For Pete's sake, Lenny, the kid was punching him in the throat!!"  
It was pretty quiet in the gym & everyone had to have heard me & I may have looked a fool.  
But what I regret about it is that I called him by name. 
I should have addressed him as "Ref!"

*The names of referees have been changed to protect against future heckling.
**For the record, the opposing coach saw what went on & benched the giant kid for the entire game.
  *** And I smiled & apologized after the game to the grinning "Lenny," who admitted he knew he'd made the wrong call, and said he understood - "Just looking out for your kid!" 
Still.. where has all my class & coolness gone, now that I'm a full blown sports mom?

I have way too many picture frames. 
This is a personal issue.  It's gone on for years.  I could be on the verge of "hoarder" when it comes to picture frames.  Time to fill them & start making gallery walls everywhere.

I stayed up until almost 4 a.m. the other night.  Darn me.  And darn those good books.

This is another bad one.. I apologize in advance for grossing you out.
The other day there was pheasant thawing in the refrigerator, so I took it out & unwrapped it to start dinner.
I HATE WHEN I TAKE THINGS OUT OF THE FREEZER PAPER AND THEY STILL HAVE THE FEET ON THEM!!  Pheasant feet gross me out.  The claws!  Three birds, and two of them still had one lone, ugly, black leg attached to the thigh & breast meat, with it's big, clutching talons.  Not cool.

One last thing to get that visual out of my head:
I sometimes drink from the chocolate syrup bottle.  Just a little squirt.  Don't judge.

For good measure on that visual thing, here's something pretty;
one of my day lilies blooming by our pond.


  1. Amusing:) I think us women who stay home and work out of the house have too much time to think:)

    I would feel the same about mowing over a frog. I try to be kind to all of God's creatures, even bees in the house. I even try to rescue spiders, rather than kill them.

    Sounds like you are trying to be too perfect. Relax and enjoy yourself. And continue to share your feelings if it helps:)
    Sandy (Brett Dennen fan from FB)

    1. Oh, Sandy - I never want to be perfect! I'm stubborn & proud of being imperfect & doing things my unique, individual way. :)
      I had a full 8 days of relaxing in Canada, and then came home & relaxed & enjoyed myself for another week here at home, reading all hours & puttering away at projects that make me happy.
      All in good humor. (Except the frog - I LOVE frogs! Nothing funny about that. Except for how I might have sounded to the neighbors, if we had any close enough to hear.) ;)
      Nice to hear from you!

  2. I'm not as brave as you in writing about your perceived quirkiness........bottom line is that you are a fabulous Mom, friend, and wife. Nothing more need be said, in my opinion. Enjoy your life of family and solitude.

    1. Thanks, e. Funny how ordinary living, centered on the simple things can be so quirky these days. :)
      Maybe under an alias you can write memoirs on your bucket list someday. My curiosity is piqued. Sounds like you've been enjoying life, too! ;)

  3. A day in the life of, hmmm? I smiled my way through this (except for the frog; I had a near miss with a toad while mowing Saturday, and it's very upsetting). Thanks so much!!