July 26, 2012

Got Milk Glass?

It began with my love of plain, white things.  Now I just can't resist it's pull when I see it sitting on thrift store shelves.  I keep acquiring more milk glass!
My preference leans toward more simple, utilitarian pieces.  But, I can't seem to refrain from an occasional hobnail or scallop, either.

I found the cream & sugar set below for 49¢ each at Goodwill.   I don't drink coffee (or use cream & sugar) so I find other uses for them.
After accumulating two large & two small bowls all for Hamilton beach mixers, I've had to control myself & not buy the last few I've seen. 

I found this Fire King bowl (50¢) and set of six Fire King custard cups ($1) at a garage sale when passing through rural Wisconsin last month.
 The cups are one of my favorite finds & the bowl makes me feel special when I eat cold cereal.
My mom found the large bowl for my Sunbeam Mixmaster for my birthday last month. Exciting!

I picked up these serving platters via my love of rummage sales.  They aren't  my every day style, but I needed something for special occasions, and they work for that.
The goblet shaped piece I picked up at Goodwill.  It has some nice age characteristics, but it has no markings.  I'm currently using it for my scrubber next to the kitchen sink.
The shallow dish is marked on the bottom, "E.O. BRODY CO. CLEVELAND O. U. S.A."
I use that one as a soap dish in the laundry room.
I found a milk glass lamp for a few dollars, also at Goodwill.   I'm still looking for the right shade for it, and photos don't to the pretty glass justice.
Did you know there is a National Milk Glass Collector's Association?

I really don't have plans to become an official milk glass collector. 
But I'll probably continue to be a sucker for buying a piece for a dollar or less here & there.   :)

How about you?  Got milk glass?

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