July 24, 2012

Home from Canada.

We are home again from the land of blue lake & rocky shore
We left bright & early Sunday July 15th & returned Sunday the 22nd in time for a good night's sleep. 
These guys:

started Driver's Ed. the next morning.
They had an all day football tournament the day before we left.. and also started football camp the day after we got home.   Busy week for them; driver's training class three hours every morning,  football three hours each night. 
It's grown very tricky to find open slots in the calendar long enough to make the trip north.  This one couldn't have squeezed in better.

We had a smooth trip.  We made our best travel time ever, the only vehicle entering Canada at the border that morning, and we were landing the boat before 4 in the afternoon.  (Only 8.5 hours on the road!)
The weather was great.  I got in some beautiful kayaking on calm days.  I read two books.  Enjoyed a lot of sun.  Had a lot of quiet time. A LOT of quiet time.. I spent a few days stranded alone.  Mitch & the kids were busy elsewhere on the lake for a few long days when the water was rough & I couldn't do much but stay put where I was.  
As always, the kids loved it up there. Eight days without electricity, and we don't really notice.  I love that part of it.  Being away from the wired world is really wonderful.

There is always a lot to catch up on getting back home.  A week's worth of laundry.  Weeds in the garden. Overgrown grass to mow.  Mail. Messages.
All the things I stayed up doing all night before we left. :)  
All the things that were nice to escape for a while.

Today we scrubbed, pressure washed, & sanded the front porch, then I stained the decking this evening. For 14 years we've used the same color stain on the house exterior & decks. With the amount of traffic our front steps & porch see, it's been nearly impossible to keep it looking nice. So we decided to try a solid stain. It's a whole new look at the moment, from scruffy worn natural cedar to a consistent Heritage Gray. Next I'll have to do the whole house. I think I've come up with a plan.. now to work on it at the weather allows.

Years ago I read something to the effect of  "A gardener's work is never done, and herein lies the pleasure; happiness stems from always something to do, something to look forward to."
I suppose that could be applied to a maker & keeper of a home, too.  My to-do list around the house never seems to get shorter.  So many projects to do, but I look forward to the outcome of them all.

McGee is really happy we're home.
Many Canadian photos to come.

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