July 15, 2012

Kayaking : Peaceful family night on the water.

One of our summer's most memorable evenings:
We had our favorite nearby undeveloped lake completely to ourselves, all seven of us together.
Mitch & I kayaked, paddling otherwise inaccessible inlets & outlets. The kids had the boat as their splash pad in the middle of the lake.
Sunshine. Dragonflies. Clean water. A silent heron or two. Goodness.

(Just my little point & shoot camera along. I wasn't sure how dry I would stay.)



  1. Hello! An "undeveloped" lake. Living in the only county (Fillmore) in Minnesota without a lake I'd say any lake would be good but and "undeveloped" one all to yourselves..... wow. We do have some really good trout streams though.

    1. Well I learned something new today! I didn't know Minnesota had a county without any lakes. :)
      We live in one of the counties with the most.
      I grew up on the Mississippi, where it is still small in it's humble beginnings, and I appreciate creeks & streams.
      My brother in law is a devoted fly fisherman in SE Minnesota's driftless area. Very pretty terrain down that way.