July 25, 2012

Northern Ontario Kayaking (2012 Cabin Trip)

One of my favorite things about being on our little Osprey Point is the smell. I noticed it a lot this year. The sweet smell of pine sap & cedar.
This was our first trip to the cabin taking the kayaks along.
When we arrived at the landing, Eric headed in with one of them. Mitch & Mason took the boat, loaded with all of our gear. I waited with the younger kids until Mitch came back to get them. Then I headed in last by kayak, too. A long paddle, but it went faster than I expected.
Everything looks prettier from kayak. I think it's the best way to travel on water.
Eric beginning the voyage in:
The first few days of our stay, the water was very calm, making for glossy reflections & peaceful paddling.
Johnathan accompanied me one day.  It was such a nice, quiet time exploring with him.  My camera is cumbersome, and I did not have it with me that outing (which I regret.)
It's a good memory.
I love the ability to paddle up close to rocks & shore to check things out. By boat we have to be careful - there are many large rocks under the water, sometimes in unexpected places.  By kayak I can go right over them & up to any tight space or point of interest.  Johnathan & I found a spectacular little rock wall covered in bright orange lichen, tucked into the rocky shore. I meant to go back with my camera to capture it, but the wind picked up very strong for a few days & the water was choppy.. the opportunity didn't present itself.
This was my bath for the week. Mitch & the kids are brave & jump off the end of our dock to wash up. (Sometimes letting out shrieks of shock.) We have jagged rocky bottom & the water at that depth is very chilly.
I prefer to paddle over to the natural sandy beach around the point & across the way. The water is high this year, so not a lot of beach is exposed, (if you go back to this post there are some of my favorite beach photos ever.)  but it's all nice & clear & soft there under water. 
The minnows are friendly & it's as luxurious as can be.  
Lilly did great paddling a good distance with me, too. She even had Beau along with her, sharing a kayak, crossing a pretty good amount of open water to get to the beach. Her arms get a little tired, but she forges on. Again - wish I'd had my camera. Good memories.
Johnathan, evening paddling above.  Beau at the beach, below.
The last few days were very windy. One evening, the windiest, the sky & then the air from the west filled with smoke. We learned later that there had been a fire in Red Lake, a couple hundred miles southwest. The strong wind brought all that smoke all that way.
Finally, our last night before leaving, the water suddenly calmed again. I headed out for a final paddle.
Just me, the setting sun, and a whole lot of active & noisy loons.

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