July 29, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

This morning I went to town to run errands, meet my mom & sister at the flea market that's going on this weekend, and get some much needed groceries.
I ended up running into a lot of people I know & nothing went quite as planned & it was a very long day.  I missed out on the flea market, but I got to go to Goodwill, hadn't been there in a while.  It was a good day for treasure hunting there, I came home with a few fun finds.  

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, considering how many familiar faces I bumped into, that as I was coming to a four-way stop, I recognized the car that was turning onto the street from my right.  It was our neighbor Marianne.  She's 93 years old and had picked up her sister, Helen, who turns 99 yet this summer. 
I've always known Marianne drives to town & takes Helen grocery shopping and they go out for lunch.  But I've never actually witnessed her driving anywhere other than the gravel road we live on.   I was a little nervous for them as I followed behind  through busy stoplights & intersections - this was one of the busiest Saturdays of the summer, with the flea market & car shows going on, and to add to that there is major road construction underway this year, too.
Marianne handles her great big car smoothly, though.
I followed them until they turned off at Bridgeman's.  That was my guess as to where they were headed. 
They are really something, those two sisters.

Later, between hardware stores & my last grocery stop, I met my mom for a late lunch/early dinner.  We both had a chicken Caesar salad. 
I had eaten cold cereal most of the week (we really needed groceries) & craved a tasty Caesar salad in a serious way.  
You know who has really great Caesar salad?  Texas Roadhouse.  When we were in Duluth a couple of weeks ago we ate there for the first time.  Their Caesar salad won me over.  The sweet bread rolls & honey butter didn't hurt either.  We've been missing out all this time.

The kids' elementary school supply lists were available at Target.  Kindergarten, 3rd grade, & 4th grade this year.  We still have more than a month of summer vacation left, so I'm not ready to start thinking & planning all about school days already.   But it was good to get some of the stuff off the lists while it's still available.   I stocked up on several packages of socks, too - that time of year.  Mason & Eric are very tough on socks.   

While in the back-to-school aisles, I couldn't resist a set of watercolor pencils for 50¢.  I have a nice set, and I thought it would be fun for the kids to have some too.  Lilly, Beau, & I doodled & drew & water colored late this evening.  My feet were tired after a long day, it was nice to put them up & sit back & make pictures with them.  Beau is really melting me with his drawing skills lately.  So much detail.  This was on about a 5x8 piece of paper.  The flowers are a nice touch.
When I got home from town, Johnathan was pulling a rope (around his waist maybe?) tied to a big slice of log.  Puzzled, I asked what he was doing and he said, "Training for football."
Oh, how new & a little nerve-wracking it is that Johnathan will start football this year!
He's really into it, though.   I never knew if he would be.  I wasn't really expecting it.  
He continued to drag that big hunk of wood around throughout the evening.

Mason & Eric were gone fishing when I got home. 
This summer has been all new to us in that one of their best friends (a grade older) got his driver's license.  Since this happened, they've been much more independent & mobile, not needing us to chauffeur them as much, riding with friends.  
At first this concept sort of freaked me out.  I knew we'd have to deal with them driving in the nearing future, but it's still a ways off.  I hadn't considered the idea of them riding with other teenage drivers.  
It's been in trustworthy moderation, though.
Mostly they go fishing on lakes that are within a couple of miles of our house. 
They've had an arrangement all summer, the friend drives, they use our boat & motor, and if another friend joins them - he brings the bait.  
Our boat has been getting good use this summer.  They fished until sundown tonight.

Beau wanted to sleep in Lilly's room tonight and said in his sweetest voice, "Please, because Lilly's my favorite sister."
The two of them are so very busy together all day long.  This week they've have a huge matchbox truck world set up in front of the garage.  Usually it's the three of them, but sometimes Johnathan has other things to do, like train for football.

Everyone's sleeping & I suppose I should be, too.
Glad to have the cupboards re-stocked (for a short while anyway) and to stay home & tackle some projects tomorrow.

" Dishes done, papers read, children snuggled into bed.
Hours past the setting sun, I count my blessings... one by one."

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