August 20, 2012

A Handsome Caterpillar & Our Weekend.

It's caterpillar season.
One of the coolest things about my weekend was when the kids brought me this one.
We have never found a monarch caterpillar before and I was beyond delighted, thinking this was one. But looking closer, I think it's a swallowtail.
Regardless, it's a dandy. And we've got it in the bug box & Beau's feeding it plenty of fresh leaves.

It was a much needed good weekend.
Mitch returned home late Friday night after none of us seeing much of him in a couple of weeks.
He & I made an evening trip to Duluth for household supplies & picked up stain for the house Saturday night. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse while we were there.  (As mentioned before, their Caesar Salad is fantastic!)
When we got home, there were extra teenagers here for the night.  Our house is a very, very, very full house.
Sunday I was excited to get staining. We just started realizing lately how badly our house was in need of some TLC. We're always maintaining & improving indoor rooms, but the exterior has been neglected for quite a while.
I stained & stained, and can't wait to keep staining some more. I took before pictures of how rough things were looking, and am pretty excited about how things are going.

While I was staining, Mr. Jacobson came over to deliver apples from his trees.
He's going to be 95 years old soon!  
It's always a treat when the kitchen is overflowing with apples.

*I got the above place mat and pedestal bowl, made in Italy, both at Goodwill my last trip there.  :)

My mom also stopped by.
I may have missed out on the Gold Rush Days, but she brought a little bit of it back for me:
This huge (29 inch tall) hardboard covered book of American History maps, including Indian Tribes & Linguistic Families, Changing "Ownership" of the Continent, Military Events up to WWII, Routes to the West, & more. Very awesome!

Here is the Present Day U.S. map. I haven't figured out when "present day" was.. The book is copyrighted C.S Hammond & Co, New York, and made in the U.S.A. But I don't see a date.

Beau found another little caterpillar this morning.  They're everywhere.

Cool nights, caterpillars, apples, school supplies.. lots & lots of football going on.
It's beginning to feel a lot like fall.  Just two weekends left of our summer!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! This makes me want a caterpillar, great pictures as usual. And I have a thing for maps, that book looks cool.

    1. I have a thing for maps, too. My dad is a land surveyor, so I grew up surrounded by plat maps & plat books & topo. maps & mapping & drafting tools. I love them all!
      Plus, I love exploring new places.. I do a lot of that exploring on maps when it's not possible in real life. ;)