August 16, 2012

Canada-loving Kindergarten-ing Beau

This guy...
♥'s Canada. 
Temporary tattoos.
And watermelon. (dripping from his chin above.)
Is full of love & sugar. 
Needs a haircut, but doesn't want one.
Gives a funny, exaggerated whistle to express relief over certain situations.
Tried smoked oysters last month. 
Can ride his big, tall, green bike now.
Misses his Dad. 
Buried his face in my arm last week, moved to tears while watching the movie, Spirit.

Has been my sidekick & constant companion the past five years.
Went to school today for "practice" kindergarten.
And starts the real thing, all day, every day, in under three weeks. 


  1. ...and is cute beyond words, I love his freckles!

  2. I had to smile at the haircut comment, that's sounds like Bodie.
    Did he like the smoked oysters? I love them.

    And Tracey is right... He is cute beyond words.

    1. If he didn't like them, he sure wasn't going to let it show! He was the only one of the kids brave enough to try them. And was trying to convince the others to. He ate a few!
      My dad & uncles always had a tin of them at Christmas, and I thought they were great, plus it was cool to eat them with a toothpick.
      My dad left a tin of them up in the cupboard in Canada a few wks. before we were there last month.. so we cracked it open. They aren't quite so appealing to me anymore. :)

  3. he's such an amazing kid, just love him to pieces

  4. he's such an amazing kid, just love him to pieces