August 23, 2012

Cedar Waxwings & Our 15th Anniversary

Yesterday evening while we were winding down, cleaning up after our day of staining the house, our little mountain ash tree came alive with birds.
I love that mountain ash tree.  My mom gave it to Mitch one year for his birthday.. it's flourished & has multiplied in size.  
I mow the lawn once a week all summer, and every week I note the change of that tree.. the arrival of berries.  Their growth.   When they start gaining a hint of orange.  And finally when they turn red.  The other day I noticed the berries were officially ripe.  
I usually like to get a photo of the berries, because they disappear very fast..  birds come along & clean them out in a day.
I've never actually caught the birds in action, since they come & go so fast (a few hours or less in the case of our still relatively young tree.)

At a closer look, we saw it was a flock of Cedar Waxwings.  What a special surprise! 
Cedar Waxwings have been one of my favorite - maybe my very favorite - birds, since I was a kid.  My parents were avid birders while I was growing up.  They had feeders & houses for every kind of bird.  Oranges pegged to trees for the orioles.  Nectar for the hummingbirds.  Sunflower seeds for the finches & grosbeaks & chickadees.  Houses for the bluebirds.  Suet for the woodpeckers.  A little spot for the phoebe by the door.  Our yard was full of century old trees & lots of birds.

Cedar Waxwings are just so striking and smooth looking.  They're beautiful. 
I grabbed the camera & joined them. 

Many of them were this year's young - still immature with streaked plumage.

There were probably a few dozen or more birds fluttering & bouncing around on branches, picking & swallowing berries.
It is said that when the end of a twig holds a supply of berries that only one bird at a time can reach, members of a flock may line up along the twig and pass berries beak to beak down the line so that each bird gets a chance to eat.

Today is our anniversary. We were getting married fifteen years ago this afternoon.
The wedding itself didn't matter much to me at all.  But giving your life to someone is a pretty big deal.  That hasn't changed.  If anything, it's a bigger deal with each passing year.
I posted some thoughts & photos on our 13th anniversary here. 
Today I'm just going to share a song.
Thanks to the Cedar Waxwings for stopping by for an anniversary visit.

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday.  For the love of birds and photos. 


  1. Different days, I have different favorites..some days its the orioles for their beautiful songs & striking color, other days, the bluebird (gotta love that blue!; the phoebe that graced our entryway from time to time, such a soft, doe-eyed, unassuming bird & once, a HERD of yellow headed blackbirds with their raspy voices, WOW! But, yeah, the Cedar Waxwings are perfect!

  2. I can see why you like the Avett Brothers! Such powerful lyrics...

    And I love the Cedar Waxwings photos. Especially the last one.:)

    1. Many lyrics to this song that are special to me! The Avetts are great.
      "She knows which birds are singin'. And the names of the trees where they're performin'. In the mornin'."

  3. Gorgeous shots of the Cedar Waxwings Amanda! The last pose is beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  4. a stunning post - very well done

  5. Happy anniversary! Wax wings would be a great present in my opinion!

    Thanks for linking to WBW - and sorry for late reply, I was in Dubai all last week and work rather took over my life!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  6. Thank you for telling me about this your beautiful post.
    You caught them so well and my favorite is also that last one, where the one try to understand , what are you doing :)
    I take your address to my blog list.