August 17, 2012

Oronoco Goldrush Adventure. Good Finds. And an Impulse Buy..

Not last summer, but the summer before, I had my first experience with Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days.  Established in 1972, this has become one of the biggest and best antique shows in the Midwest. 
It was hot, hot, hot, and I should have had better walking shoes, but it was a good time with so much interesting & inspiring stuff to see (and a few fun finds!)
Last year was out due to festivities surrounding my brother's wedding, and here we are, another summer & it's Gold Rush Days again.  I had so hoped to go with my mom.. but wasn't able to.  Life with a husband who works away from home too much & has an unpredictable work schedule.  Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely dedicated to being year-round keeper of the fort and chief of our small tribe.  But it's nice to have back-up.  I kind of could have used a day break to do something special.
Hopefully my mom is enjoying the beautiful weather today & the hunt for small treasures.

Until the Gold Rush Adventure & I meet again, here are a few photos from 2010.
We headed down to the lovely river town of Red Wing the night before things got started.

We spent a quiet evening exploring from the top of the bluff (saw this fawn there,) down to the waterfront park. 

My (then) baby niece was with.  I snapped some photos of her.

Red Wing is full of shops, fantastic gardens & flowers, & beautiful old churches & buildings.
(Also home of Red Wing Pottery & Red Wing Shoes.)

Next day:  I wish I'd taken more photos of the Oronoco adventure.
Such an inspiring experience!  Creative & quirky things everywhere.

I took home three purchases.
The first is a little six-legged stool.  I liked the color.  It was one of a kind.
And it gets used.  Very sturdy & stable, I use it to reach things up high in the kitchen.  The kids use it to write on our message/grocery chalk board by the door.  I don't remember what I paid for it, $6 I think.

The second is an old industrial stool. 
Yes, I was in love with industrial stools even two years ago, before industrial was such a mainstream trend. :(
I paid $10 for it.   I had entertained the idea of finding more & using them along our kitchen island. 
But I'm happy with this one as a stand alone piece, to pull up as an extra seat when needed. 
Sometimes it's a book stand.  I enjoy it wherever it is parked.

The third thing is one of was the most ridiculous purchase I've ever made.
I think (hope?) maybe everyone has at least one of those in life; something they bought that is totally useless, or something they splurged on & wondered why about afterward.  This is was it for me. I shake my head & wonder what came over me.  It's a very solid, thick old window, a salvaged architectural piece from a building I never knew.   It's white (and in more rough shape) on one side, black on the other.
It's useless.  But interesting.  For now it has strictly visual purpose. I suppose like some people might indulge in a piece of art.  I'm not going to share what I paid for it.  It cost less than many people might spend at an an outfit at the mall, or a visit to the salon.  But more than is my usual character when it comes to spending.
It could have been much worse. My husband has come home with boats, four-wheelers, snowmobiles & even baby pigs.  (Now there's a story.)  And so much more.
I guess I can live with the fact that it was my one random impulse buy in life, and be glad I got it out of my system.☺ 

Any great antique & junk bonanzas in your area?
(Or random impulse buys you feel like sharing about?)  ☺

*Updated..  My mom brought back a little treasure from the Gold Rush Days for me.


  1. I like your window! Does it still have the glass in it or are the triangles "empty"?

    1. It has all the glass, except one triangle that needs replacing. It would be easy to repair, but I haven't gotten to it yet. :)