August 7, 2012

Rainbows & Sunshine. Perfection, Perception.

When I wrote this recent post, making light of my sometimes overly sensible & very ordinary life, a commenter said it sounded like I was "trying to be too perfect."  I believe the comment was well intended, but at the same time, it didn't sit well with who I am.
The first things I thought were:
1.) If I were trying to be perfect, I would be cleaning the crumbs under the counter & the messes throughout our house, or "working out" and getting my hair done & obsessing over my physical appearance.  Maybe even off trying to fit into the social norm of groups & organized activity.
I definitely wouldn't have time to be creative, or to write that post.
2.) Whatever "perfect" is, my idea of it is incredibly exhausting and horribly dull & boring.  As well as phony, trying to maintain an image & live up to the expectations of others, which leads to impossible.
It is not something I strive for.  
My biggest goal in life is just to be "me."

This reminded me of something a friend said to me a while back that has stayed in one of the back corners of my mind & popped out from time to time. Again, I think it was meant well, but it didn't leave me with a good feeling.  It is said that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  (I have a memory like a steel trap, and happen to remember what was said, too.) 
"I know you try so hard to make everything look so beautiful all the time."
Similarly, this wasn't very well with my soul
Here's the straight truth:
I don't try to make things look beautiful.
If something in our life looks beautiful, it's because it is.
Of course I don't write or share or photograph every aspect & detail of our life, and of course they aren't all lovely.  I clean toilets & scrub dirt & blood out of clothes & get discouraged & serve cereal for dinner sometimes.  I fall down & pick myself back up. 
We must know that no-one else's lives are perfect, that everyone faces their own daily challenges of some sort.
Life isn't all rainbows & sunshine.  
But when there are rainbows & sunshine, you better believe that I'm going to appreciate & capture them.

Beau.  He is my sunshine.  :)
Authenticity is one of the most important values in my life.  I strive to be the real deal.  I won't imitate. I won't copy.  And I for SURE won't represent anything phony.  What you see is not staged, but actual, genuine, bona fide, real life, living moments.   
Focusing on the positives in life is not trying to cover up for the negatives. Concentrating on what's good is healthy, uplifting, inspiring, motivating. 
I'm grateful for the rainbows & sunshine, and beautiful every day things.
These are my passions.  I share them.


  1. Well said Amanda! Life isn't perfect, but it has lots of perfect moments:)

    1. Thanks, Dion! Well said, yourself. Perfect, in fact. ;)

  2. What?! You serve cereal for supper?! Guess that makes you perfectly human like the rest of us. (Personally, I enjoy a good bowl of cereal for supper, now and then.) I enjoy reading your reflections on life in general. It (life) really is what you make it. :)

    1. Thanks, Angie. It is!! (and I love cereal for any meal) :)

  3. I always enjoy reading your thoughts, Amanda. I like how you said that you don't try to cover up for the negatives, but focus on the positives. It is a good reminder for all of us. Focusing on the positive is the best way for me to enjoy my life and its moments. Oh, and we eat cereal for supper sometimes too.

    1. My thoughts thank you, Lisa. :) It feels good to get them out & share them, but even better to know they're enjoyed & make others think, too.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, too, Amanda. It is very up-lifting and I love being privvy to your kids growing. I HAVE had a person or two in my life who DID try to make everything look "picture perfect" and I have to say, that is not you! You are the real deal. Hope you continue to do what you do and sweep those uncomfortable comments out of your brain where they are only taking up prime real estate:)

    Denise O'Toole

  5. Could be my words and thoughts dear ♥ I get you & you get me! :)