September 14, 2012


Beau got home yesterday and stopped to sit on a rock before coming to the house. I found him doing his homework out in the sunshine.


  1. He's beautiful. And so is your love shining through the photos.

  2. Thanks. :)
    As a lover of photos, it's a small tragedy in my life that I'm rarely photographed with my kids, that I can't capture the images of me with my own kids that I'm able to capture for others. So it means a LOT to me to know that my presence might be seen or felt, even though I'm not in the frame. These are my moments, and that makes these photos deeply personal & meaningful to me.
    Thank you for seeing part of me in them. :)

  3. Beautifully done Amanda. It looks as if Beau was concentrating so hard yet had to have a break to explore hth caterpillar (the important things of life) before completing his schoolwork.