September 14, 2012

Reflections on the Pond

I took this photo a few years ago (April of 2009) with my old Rebel.  
I was sitting in the boat on our pond, carefully dipping my oar, just so, to make ripples on the water. 
The reflections of the tall ash trees took on fun psychedelic & squiggly forms.
I think often people aim for smooth, glossy waters for reflection photos (they are striking).. here it was my intent to cause gentle ripples.
It's not a spectacular photo. But these are the kinds of silly things I sometimes do that I find peaceful & enjoyable.  The kid in me that lives on with my kids.  We love our pond.

Sharing with Weekend Reflections.  


  1. It's such an awesome photo!

  2. What a wonderful, different and delightful reflection for the day, Amanda! Very creative!! Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend!!

  3. You caught a nice reflection on that very day... Thanks for sharing it with us !