October 1, 2012

Holy Water Lake, Minnesota

This weekend was absolutely beautiful. We've had perfect conditions to enjoy a gorgeous fall color peak this year in northern Minnesota.
Sunday afternoon we tossed the kayaks in the truck & headed out to Holy Water Lake. It was a warm & wonderful day to be on the water with paddle in hand.

Holy Water is a undeveloped lake without any dwelling or structure on it's shores. 
Northern Minnesota's lake water is often stained tea or coffee-colored.  This comes from the tannic acid in bog plants & organic matter, and is natural & harmless.  When I was a small kid, I thought it looked like root beer when making a wake with the boat.
Holy Water is very clear, with less staining.  I assumed this might be where it got it's name.
(Underwater leaves, below.)

I found information, though, stating the lake got it's name during surveying.  A Catholic priest owned forty acres and wanted lines run on his land. When the surveyor ran the lines they found most of his land was in the lake. They had to name it, and came up with "Holy Water."

Whatever the reason for it's name, it was a beautiful, peaceful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Having lakes like this completely to ourselves is what I love most about Minnesota.

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  1. Beautiful fall scenes!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Wow, beautiful scenery and lovely reflections. Your photos are just lovely. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  3. Fall has arrived in Minnesota!! It hasn't hit here (Virginia) so I especially enjoyed those beautiful Fall pictures. Thanks.

  4. Thank you so very much for this needed journey into beauty.

    Please have you all a good Tuesday.

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  5. What positively stunning photography Amanda! This is my first visit to your blog and it won't be my last! How greatly blessed you are to have ready access to such beautiful water and scenery. Very soothing images. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow - those shots of the leaves on the water are spectacular!

  7. You are right about similarities of a nature there and here - even your beautiful serene photos could be from here :)
    I am happy for your visit my blog!
    Two other commentators of my blog have Finnish ancestors :)
    Happy October to you and yours!

  8. LOVE love love your blog. Last year we moved South from the North and boy do we ever miss the Autumn and all her glories! Thanks for sharing these splendid sights. True balm for my soul.

  9. My father and his brothers -- and then we, their sons, hunted the hardwood ridges, conifers and swamps surrounding Holy Water Lake since 1932 until the late 1980s (when the wolves decimated the deer herd). I have camped in a wall tent within a stone's throw of the shore, have heard the ice thunder as it froze overnight -- I have walked the clear ice after first freeze and surveyed the bottom with wonder. My grandfather told stories of fishing the lake from a leaking wooden boat long before I was born -- "Small Northern Pike, he said, and tiny perch/panfish." I have such fond childhood memories of Holy Water and shall never forget what I learned there about God, family and myself. Thank you for the great reminders!