November 30, 2012


Keep Calm Catch Up and Carry On.

Blogging to me, is an exercise of the mind. Like a gym membership may be to others.. it keeps me running tip-top to focus & free my mind.. it makes me feel good.

I've been plugging away at this here blog for around seven years, and my goal for quite a run has been to post twice a week.
Then November set in. The busiest month of our year, and it's been eventful. I've been Blogger MIA.
To catch me up so I can carry on, here's the rundown.

We celebrated Johnathan's 10th birthday.
The next day, he had six other 4th grade friends come home on the bus for birthday fun.
It was a LOUD, BOISTEROUS, ROWDY, evening. Did I mention LOUD? We had up to 13 kids throughout the evening. Johnathan is not loud, or boisterous, or rowdy... and on top of that we had an unplanned slumber party, so it was fun, but a bit overwhelming & required a day of recovery for us all!

A week later was Mason & Eric's golden birthday. Fifteen years old!
We had a football banquet to attend for them that evening. The whole crowd, team & families, sang happy birthday to them, and they were given a cookie cake in the shape of a football.  These particular fifteen-year-olds like food, so we had a couple of birthday feasts.  I will find time to reflect more on 15 years of adventure with these two guys in a post of it's own.  I had a photo of them on their birthday evening, but after much searching, it appears I've lost it!

Basketball began.
We had a very short break between football & basketball, which was filled with birthdays & hunting season.
Practice is in full swing, one day of scrimmaging down, and the first game of the season is tonight.
They are playing varsity this year. 
Eric's collar bone is not healing well. He has just been cleared to begin dribbling, shooting, and running. Not cleared to play with contact yet.  We're at 8 weeks post-injury today & are now scheduled to meet with an orthopedic surgeon.  Here is the view last week.

Along with keeping concerned & busy with x-rays for Eric,  Beau had to have a tooth that he injured as a toddler removed.. Our dentist claims minor trauma to baby teeth happens to a third of all kids. He is the first of ours. I learn something new with each kid, and each day!  The injured tooth finally abscessed & was causing him quite a bit of trouble.  The novocaine wasn't much fun for him, but he was brave & strong.   Still a little puffy-lipped in this photo.. but feeling MUCH better!
His first missing tooth - huge root & all.  He'll have a space in his smile for a while.  

November marked the end of the first quarter for the kids at school.  I had conferences for all five of them. Mason & Eric's aren't required conferences, but I like to circle around the high school to visit their teachers & touch base on how things are going.  Excellent grades & on the honor roll for both of them.  Beau is doing smashing in kindergarten.  Lilly is doing smashing in 3rd grade.  Straight A's abound. I had a wonderful conference with Johnathan's 4th grade teacher.  Johnathan learns uniquely from our other kids, so communication with his teachers has a unique importance to me. He continues to awe us & secure a special place in the hearts of the adults around him.  I learned that Johnathan really excels in math facts.  His teacher was intrigued & eager to share this with me.  For a kid who has always required his most intense time & concentration to do average in his studies, it was quite a surprise to learn of an area he had pulled so far ahead of his group.  
Across the board for all five kids - classroom behavior, social conduct, work ethic & study skills remain top notch & of high praise. I'm most proud of that. I think those are things that will take them the furthest in life, in & out of the classroom. They are a calm, cool, and kind bunch.

Setting the clocks back at the beginning of the month seems to have thrown our kindergartener off a bit.  I think with the dark evenings, he's feeling like he's not getting enough time at home.  That, and it has to be exhausting for a child to be shuffled off every day, all day, like being sent off into the work force already at age five.   Maybe the fullness caught up to him.  He still loves school, but he loves home more.  I was glad we had a couple of four-day weekends this month.

Johnathan's birthday, Mason & Eric's birthday, and Thanksgiving all landed three Thursdays in a row this year.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We feasted at Granny & Grampa's. The kids played. My mom & sisters & I got in a brisk post-dinner 5.2K just before dark.  It was a nice evening.

Mitch continues to work away throughout the weeks.
I'm thankful he has work, but I dream of a day when we'll all be under one roof together, as a family, home each night.

We've done a little demo in our downstairs..  Our basement shower has had a problem leak for two years, and it's finally getting attention by way of an overhaul!    

Birthday, Birthday/Birthday, Football, End of First Quarter, Basketball, Hunting Season, emergency tooth removal, Thanksgiving,   I think that about catches me up on the big events of our November.  Now I can carry on with the little things & other random thoughts that flow through my mind. 

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  1. I remember the same activites and events with our two sons. They grew up so fast. Enjoy every moment exhausted keeping up or not. These very well may be the best years of your life....:)