December 23, 2012

{Our 2012 Christmas Letter}

Seasons Greetings!                                                    

Last year was the first in our family’s history that we didn’t get a Christmas greeting sent out.  My apologies, and thank you to those who have continued to keep us on your mailing list this year.  ☺

Mason & Eric are in 9th grade & acquired driver’s permits this month.  I’m enjoying my time on the roads with them.  
They both played outstandingly on the varsity football team this fall.
Eric suffered a broken & badly separated collar bone late in the season.  We hope he’ll be cleared to return to full activity Dec. 31st & will join Mason & the rest of the team on the basketball court after Christmas break.  It’s been a tough 12 weeks for him being out of the action, but he’s developing some sharp left hand skills! 
While Eric is healing, Mason is playing varsity full time at guard & a top shooter for the team.
At this stage in life, their sporting events account for much of our family’s socialization & recreation year round.  Many miles & late nights - worth them all, as we so love watching them do what they are passionate about.
They continue to make the honor roll, and we enjoy the company of their teenage friends who make themselves at home here.  They just got the spear house out yesterday.

Johnathan turned 10 last month & is in 4th grade. He’s a Lego maniac, loves fishing, grouse hunting, exploring & investigating the outdoors.  He traveled a lot this summer, leaving the country for the first time without us. (He got in one more trip to Canada than the rest of the family.)

Lilly is 8 years old, in 3rd grade, loves art, creating, & friends.  She gets covered in grass stains playing playground football, and loves all things pretty.  She is a quiet, yet mighty girl.  The world is her canvas.

Beau, 5, is now a kindergartener with a missing front tooth.  He still gives the biggest hugs & is becoming a wonderful word decoder & writer.  He is our personal entertainer & encourager, never missing a beat in the action since the day he was born. 

Curious, patient & determined - whether hiking state parks, learning a new skill, or just keeping up with the variety of our daily life, these guys are the best sidekicks. 
I’m especially thankful for their health & happiness. 

Having Beau off to kindergarten full time this fall was quite a change in my life after nearly 15 years of having kids home with me.  Nothing about the pace of my days has slowed, but I’m learning to manage my time differently.

We enjoyed a family vacation in Breckenridge, CO in June.  Our first time flying with the kids - they did great!  We did our best to climb every mountain & ford every stream.   
We spent a week in July at the cabin in northern Ontario (during that ONE free week this summer between football camp & driver’s ed.) I became hooked on kayaking this year & got in many miles on Canadian water.  The fishing & remote peace & quiet are always good.   
Hunting was harvest-full around home this fall.  We had three successful archers.

Work keeps Mitch away from home regularly.  He is currently working on construction of the new Voyagaire Lodge in Crane Lake, MN.  Crane Lake has become quite a showcase of his work & talent.

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in August, finding a brief window to get away for a couple of days in Bayfield, WI.  Bayfield, the Apostles Islands, & surrounding area are beautiful. 
When random afternoons allowed, we got in some memorable paddling on local waters less traveled, right up to the first snowfall.  I’m waiting now for enough snow to snowshoe.

McGee continues to wait patiently on the front porch for us as we come & go.  He guards the territory against coyotes, and finally broke down & swam in the pond this summer.  He’ll be five years old soon. 

Life is full.  Home is busier than ever. 
I look forward each week to our time together under one roof, and especially look forward to it at Christmastime. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

PS: It has grown very difficult to get a photo of all 7 of us together these days, with Mitch gone throughout the weeks, Mason & Eric home from practice only after dark, & busy weekends pulling us this way & that.  But we DID it!  (Via single-shot self timer, which makes for a challenge, & JUST before dark.. But we did it.)


  1. I didn't get cards out again this year.. maybe next year. We enjoyed your card and letter. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Katie! (I totally understand how that goes!)

  3. What a cute family you have :) Happy Holidays! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!