December 23, 2012

Week of Winter Solstice

December has been full of late night basketball games, running, hustle & bustle.
Amidst it all, it's been beautiful outside & we've been feeling the spirit of the season. 
Some photos:

I've been back to visit the old house I mentioned a couple of posts back.  With camera.
The windows are frosty works of art.

We got our Christmas tree up the first weekend of December.  Early for us.  It's holding it's needles well.
I had really wanted a small tree this year.  This one was packed in the middle of about 20 others, a good one to thin out, as it had no chance of maturing. 
Our most petite tree ever, I love it.  It's my favorite.   
I think that every year
, but this one really is my favorite yet.
(I should've had the lights on for a photo.)

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Mother Nature has been offering up her share of decoration & dazzle.
We had a freezing rain storm last weekend.  It left us a gorgeous winter wonderland, all the trees covered in frosty snow.  On sunny days it looks like they're decorated in crystals. 

We recently got a couple of pairs of traditional Ojibwe snowshoes. 
(Previously we only had aluminum ones.)
I can't wait for the snow to grow deep enough to use them.  

McGee and I had a good walk in the woods the other day.   His enthusiasm for winter walks is contagious.

We made ice candles and Beau managed to bring one to school to share with his kindergarten class for "I" week.  

A view of our backyard.

The kids are reveling in Christmas vacation.

Today we were all home together without running and we made lots & lots of cookies.
Our oreo truffles chilling outside the kitchen:

Tomorrow brings Christmas Eve already.  I decided that whether or not I'm done with my shopping & sewing & lists, Christmas will come anyway, and it'll be good.

These photos reminded me much of this photo post from a couple of winters ago.
Merry Christmas to All!


  1. Hi there - I think its fair to say that our Christmas weather will not look like this! Hot yesterday - but should be OK for the big day. One day I'd like to show my kids a winter Christmas - but they may think it as strange as I still find summer ones!

    Hope you have a great day.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks, Stewart!
      I have only known white Christmases all my life, and I love them.

  2. I love winter photos and your's are beautiful. Love the view of your back yard. Enjoy those snowshoes.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Beautiful landscape ! Love the snowshoes-something I want to try out this winter....
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Gorgeous snowy, wintry photos -love the ice crystals on the window. Wish we had white christmas's - ours is wet and grey and dreary this year! Merry Christmas from England!

  5. Beautiful! I love your pictures. Especially the one with the red berries. Merry Christmas from Germany! Lena

  6. so much beauty here!!!! I wish you happiness!

  7. Wow - your shots are just amazingly beautiful! Enjoy your Christmas.

  8. Beautiful cpatures!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Theses are all so beautiful! My favorite is the "crystal" berries! We had our first white Christmas ever this year- we only had about 48 hours to take photos, but we took full advantage!

    I wish we got enough snow to buy snowshoes!

  10. I love your Christmas tree! It looks so natural and simple--that twig star is the perfect topping.

  11. Thanks, Kateri! I had fun making the twig star - new to our tree this year.