February 22, 2013

Five Facts : Final Friday of February

1.  Beau turned SIX years old this week.   We had some extra days off school, including his birthday.  It was filled with kids & cupcakes & balloons.  It was also really cold compared to most years, with a windchill advisory.   I'll have a birthday post coming soon on this growing little guy who shines such a light in our life.

2.  He also got to be Star of the Week at school, for which I got to bring in treats, photos, favorite toys & books for Beau to share with his class.
Being a special guest to 18 kindergarteners is a sure way to brighten any day. 

3.  I finally read my first book of the year.  I love to read, and early in January I made a quick list of all the novels that I read in 2012 (about 30 of them, in my recollection.)  I decided to keep a documented list this year, and wouldn't you know - since the last book I read, start to finish, on New Year's Eve.. I haven't laid eyes on a single page.  So, finally, I cured that, knocking a book off my growing to-read stack this week. 

4.  A good novel often leaves me thinking in my head in the dialect of it's characters.  It's a secret yearning of mine to speak in a true Irish brogue or Scottish burr.  I sometimes practice it.
(My secret is now out.)

5.  Basketball season is winding down.  For months, I've only been able to keep up with the hectic schedule a few days at a time.  It's hard to believe suddenly, that I can rattle off the remainder of games on schedule.  And it's a relief that there are none left that are a hundred miles away on a school night.  
(Below: Mason at left, Eric at right.) 
Best weekend wishes, blokes & lasses!  ☺

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  1. Too funny about the Irish accent. I agree anything is a bit more interesting than Midwest America. :)

  2. Sounds like a busy week. I like the idea of having a special day at school.

  3. Happy Birthday to Beau! He sure is a cutie! Good luck to your boys in the rest of the basket ball season.