February 14, 2013

Love Is All Around Us

I've been noticing today that our home is a reflection of what we love.
There's a prominently noticeable love for Legos.  And footballs.  Things collected in nature- antlers, driftwood, rocks, shells.  And reading material- on wildlife, history, architecture, art, maps, & the world.  
There is love in homemade and handed down things.  In worn, well used, & old things. 
There's love in the special cake that is baking in the oven, and even in the laundry that sits folded in a basket.
For fun, I played a little I Spy.  Here are a few places I found love while everyone was away today.

Mini reminders of love on the bulletin board over my desk. 
(Along with love for little wild bears.)

Love letters from Lilly.  And I love those baby Johnathan toes.

^ That one gets me every time I read it.
Love in crayon & oil pastel:

Daughter love.

Love notes from Beau.

Love mixed with paperwork.

Love for McGee.  (He's actually 5 years old now, this is an older note from Lilly that I can't part with.)

Love in photographs, paper cut-out hearts, & beaded gifts that I find on my pillow.

Sibling love shown through bright colored smiles.

Construction paper Love.  Love for creativity.
Grapefruit love.  Mitch's aunt & uncle brought grapefruit from their yard in Florida all the way to Minnesota this past week, to share.

Love for those no longer with us. 
These roses represent our five kids, as great-grandchildren to Mitch's Gramma Dee.

"Dad" love. 

Young love written across our backyard. (Tuesday evening Mason & Eric were both asked to the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance.)

Love on our chalkboard front door.

Love is all around.
Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. "Happy Valentine´s Day"!
    Wonderful set of photos!

  2. That was wonderful! Loved them all...

  3. What a gorgeous and heart-warming set of shots.

  4. I "LOVE" this! :) It just goes to show that love is all around us, we just have to notice it. Happy valentine's day!

  5. Wonderfully sweet. Treasure these growing up years. They are the best....;)

  6. I loved this, and i LOVE your door too!