March 23, 2013

To Texas & Home Again {Random Five Friday}

1.  We traveled south to Texas Hill Country this past week. (I had planned on blogging while away, but was unable.)  Mitch spent several summers there with his grandparents while growing up.  His best childhood memories are there, and I can see why! 
It was my first time in Texas,  as well as Mason & Eric's, who tagged along.  It's rare for us to have so much time with just the two of them (now 15 yrs.)  At home they are often busy with sports & socializing as teenagers, so it was a lot of quality time together for the four of us.  I hope it was very memorable for them. 

2.  It was warm in Texas, reaching about 90° each day.  (Warmer than usual for this time of year.)
It reached well below zero back home each day while we were away.  (Colder than usual for this time of year.)  
We were welcomed home to a brisk 5° on the first day of Spring. 
Our driveway, which is long and winding, was snowed & drifted, and the wind had created an effect that made it appear that we were arriving home to the North Pole!

3.  I got some reading in under the Texas live oaks, knocking off about 600 pages while I observed watusis and a donkey who occasionally passed by.  In doing so, I acquired a sunburn.  My shoulders are tender.  I'm trying to prevent peeling.

4.  My first day back yesterday, the younger kids had their Spring music & dance program at school. 
Much of the program had regional themes, and one of the first songs played by the elementary band was "The Yellow Rose of Texas."
Beau did a cute square dance with his kindergarten class.   Lilly was one of the front & center leaders of the 3rd grade country-western line dance.  And Johnathan was a front & center leader for the 4th grade with another line dance.  They've got good rhythm!  

5. I saw no yellow roses or line dancing in Texas, but I did see antelope, lots & lots of prickly pear, turkeys, zebras, oryx, and more.
And I found Texas bluebonnets in bloom!

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Happy Weekend!


  1. Your journey to Texas must have been a special time for you 4 being able to do things together - the boys have enjoyed it for sure! Reading outside sounds lovely ~ besides the sun burn ... Hope you can prevent the peeling! I use sometimes plain almond oil / coconut oil to moisture and nurture the skin after sunburn.
    The school play sounds lovely - a great process for the children to be engaged with, strengthening the fellowship in the class as well!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. thanx for your lovely blue weekend flowers! :)

  3. Gorgeous Amanda -- and your trip to Texas sounds wonderful. I could use some warmth about now.

    Thanks for joining in at R5F this week.

  4. The weather is getting really odd these days, don't you think? I cannot imagine above 90 already, and below zero either! It's down to freezing outside here, but just. We don't get such swings in the Pacific Northwest at sea level. All the snow stayed in the mountains this past winter. Love your pretty bluebonnet picture! :-)

  5. gorgeous flowers. we have traveled to Texas once - hope to get there again soon. we will see. ( :

  6. I grew up in Texas (Dallas) so hearing about your trip was fun. It does get hot early down there. You have such a sweet blog and I loved reading about your family. Your home must be filled with joy!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I live in Texas but still have to travel to see the bluebonnets. I gotta get out there. Their season is quite short. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to my state.

  8. What gorgeous flowers. Sounds like you had a relaxing time there in Texas.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog..


  9. The weather is all over the place all over the place (if you see what I mean!)

    I think I may have to visit Texas one day!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. The Blue Bonnets are beautiful! I sure wouldn't mind having some of that warm Texas weather either! :)