April 9, 2013

Beau, The Six-Year-Old.

A much overdue post about Beau,  who turned six years old a while back.
He is, without a doubt, the bee's knees, the apple of my eye.

Here are some additional stats, facts & updates on
Beau, The Six Year Old:
(Photographed above after just coming in from the snow,
which is seen melting on his freckles,
which I adore.)

  • Loves Legos.
  • Talented drawer, painter, cutter, taper. 
  • Writer of love notes.
    (Dear Mom & Dad,  I love you so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much. xoxoxoxo Love, Beau) 
  • Wears masks & capes & hats & clever get-ups.  
  • Has a favorite pair of jeans he loves to wear.  They've been patched more times that I can count.
  • Whistles, snaps his fingers, works on his cartwheel often.
  • Doing stellar work as a kindergartener. 
    Academically, behaviorally, developmentally.  
  • Likes bananas & most all fruit.  Loves grapes.  
  • Expressive.  Enthusiastic.  Eyes twinkle with many ideas.
  • Has one sweet, somewhat-long-term space in his smile where his top right baby tooth used to be.  No other missing teeth just yet.
  • Weighs 46 pounds. 
  • Affectionate.  Great & generous bear-hugger.
  • Is learning sarcasm.  Very comedic.
  • Loves playing outside, in the snow, or on his bike. 
  • Mr. Manners!  Please, thank you, you're welcome, & excuse me.. 
    He sets a fine example for the rest of the family at every meal.
  • Plays I Spy & guessing games.
  • Wants to be a barber when he grows up.  
    He says Granny will be his first customer, and he will cut her hair in a zig-zag pattern (which he demonstrates with karate chop hands.)
  • Doesn't like haircuts, himself, but always giggles during them.
  • Would like also to be a baker, making lots & lots of cookies.
  • Shares a bedroom with Johnathan.
  • Got a pet fish a couple of weeks ago, named it Billy.
  • Thoughtful.  Caring.  Helpful. 
  • Comes in the door after school with an armload of firewood, and a beaming grin as he carries it to the living room.  So proud to be a great guy.
  • Is a really great guy, and we're so proud of him.

Spreading the Beau love with Tuesday Muse.


  1. Beau sounds like a very special child, yet each one is very special in their own way. Beau must be a delight to your days and nights, a little piece of sunshine!

  2. Indeed. We had two boys. Those were the days...:)

  3. What a sweet child. He sounds like a typical boy with add-ons. :-)

  4. I am so excited to be Beau's first customer! & I've enjoyed his super funny stabs at sarcasm...he says his mama says he's good at it...I agree. He is a wonder of a kid!

  5. Happy Birthday to Beau!
    I loved to read about him ... especially his love note to you & your husband ... I'm running our of Words, but there's this intensive, warm feeling in my heart, cherishing you & your family!

  6. Six is an amazing age! Their inquisitiveness and thoughts on the world are so entertaining. Love the black and white shot of Beau. He looks like a very happy child!

    Visiting from Tuesday Muse.

  7. i understand, just join in when you can... you're welcome anytime. =)

  8. What a sweetheart. Boys are the best (says mom of two.)

  9. Sounds like a stellar chap - maybe President would be a better use of his talents!


    Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: almost as cute as my kids!!!

  10. I'm sure Beau feels loved. I can hear it in your writing, so I'm sure he knows it too. Lucky Beau!

  11. Amanda, he is so precious! I have three brothers, nine nephews and a son so I love little boys!