April 19, 2013

The Winter That Won't End : Five Facts Friday

 1. If yesterday morning was blustery, I don't know what that makes the past 24 hours and today.
This is not Spring.  This is the winter that won't end. 
I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.

2.  School was canceled again today, for the 2nd Snow Day this week.  
The kids are thrilled.  The dog, too.  He revels in their outdoor company. (See happy paw as he frolics upside-down.. something he only does when he's feeling blissful.)

3.  Getting closer to the end of our final countdown. 
Mitch has been working 17-18 hour days the past few weeks.  Saws are still buzzing & air compressor running past midnight each night.  
Not only has it been a long winter weather-wise, but it's been a long winter having him away for the past 8 months, too.  We're ready for it to end.

4.  Thank goodness in his absence that the boys are strong shovelers and handy with the skidsteer. 
(There are no textures or overlays in any of these photos. 
This is ALL BLOWING SNOW.  The wind gusts are really something out there!)

5.  While the wind is still blowing up a storm, the sun is finally shining a bit!  Warmer days are ahead for us.
(Though it's still supposed to be down to around 10° tonight.) 

By the way, Lilly made a full trip around our house rolling that hefty snowball.

Let Spring Begin! 

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  1. Those are great shots, Amanda. I'm glad you said there were no filters or anything, it really does LOOK LIKE THAT! I'll bet you are definitely ready for spring to start, and it's already mid-April!!

  2. Oh for heaven's sake! That's just wrong. Lol.

    But your photos are amazing. Love the pops of color amidst the wintery white.

    Hang in there!

  3. That's amazing!!! I get goose pumps by looking at your great pictures of the storm ... Take courage - I hope the summer would be loooong and waaarm :)

  4. i love the blowing snow pics - what a great effect. i hope it will clear up soon. & you will have a gorgeous spring. ( :

  5. Amanda,
    What an amazing day you captured! I truly cannot imagine the winds and snow blowing so unforgivingly in April-Please stay cozy tonight!

  6. So sorry your weather is so crazy, but your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Our winter won't end either here in Michigan. We did have snow today, but thankfully NOTHING like you're experiencing.
    Here's to many more sunny days to come~~~~~~SOON!

  8. Amanda! I was imagining some snow, but nothing like this! Although it kind of sucks to be getting a ton of snow in April it made for some awesome pictures! I hope lots is melting and it stays that way :)

  9. Wow! :) I really DID think these were textured photos. That is a lot of snow. (But you know that of course.) I hope you see an end to it soon.

    Your playful dog is adorable!

  10. that is a TON of snow for this late in the year! i don't miss those northern winters that won't quit! :) but your set made me smile.

    thanks for following! yes, we've visited each other before. i'm going to add you to my reading list, too!

  11. These pictures look as if they should have been taken in January, not April. I hope warmer weather finds its way to you soon.

  12. It is such long winter for you. Pleased you are managing ok but thankfully the end is in sight. Your photos of the blowing snow are something I haven't seen before. The children seem to be coping well.

  13. As long as you can stay dry (isn) and warm (isn) snow is paradise for kids!! I'm going to make a big effort to get to our snow fields this winter.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. You have A LOT more snow than we do. Snow, ice, wind and cold this morn. Has a little sunshine yesterday afternoon. Sounds like nice temps are headed our way ... on Wednesday.

    Love the blowing snow picts. Your kiddos and dog look like they are having fun. Memories and Hot Cocoa are fun things!

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  15. The weather has been like that here too. So I knew you didn't add any filters to your pictures. That must have ended up being a huge snowball!
    Hopefully we will see spring soon, but it doesn't sound like it's going to warm up anytime soon.

  16. Great photos! Cold -but so much fun;)

  17. Good news from the Banana Belt of the Gopher State. I snow finally is gone from our yard. It hit a balmy 42 today (Saturday) and we went out to the A&W for a drive in lunch today. Spring is on the way.... well maybe.

  18. Brrrr! Lovely pictures Amanda but you are welcome to all that snow. Hope it warms up soon.

  19. Oh no!
    Now I do not complain at all our weather :) Our snow is melting really fast in these days and we never get so much all at once snow even during winter time.
    Now some rivers are flooding in the western part of Finland but not here because of differences of landscapes.
    Now we have glorious sunshine, +2 degrees Celsius / 36 F but it will be about +6 / 43F today and they have promised even +8C / 46F for tomorrow.
    Your photos tell brilliantly ana atmosphere there with snow and children :)
    Good happy sunny and warmer Sunday to you and your family Amanda!

  20. You are lucky to have all that snow to make such interesting images! But i understand it must be very,very cold! My favourite is the first.

  21. Nice photos. I could almost feel the chill coming from them.

  22. OMG I cannot imagine snow like that. The little girl is so cute lying flat after making her giant snowball.

  23. Oh man...I hope you see spring soon!