May 15, 2013

A Condensed Spring | Touching Base {Not So Wordless Wednesday}

I'd like to find time to write each day.  It helps me to feel centered, focused.
I've been unable, as we've been on the go & busy over the past several days. 
So for the sake of regrouping - here's what's been filling my time: 

Baseball.   The boys had games four nights last week.   Now that the snow is gone, we've got to make hay play ball while the sun shines.  All the fresh air & sunshine has us feeling plenty tired at the end of the day.   Spring was long waited for.
We had another ball game on the road tonight. These make for late evenings getting home, making dinner, feeding kids, and getting them cleaned up for bed.
Mitch is home.  The Countdown is over.   The brand new Voyagaire Lodge that he was working on for the past 8-9 months is complete & open for business.  He has a few more trips to make to get equipment, trailers, and sawmill back home, but his months of living away are behind us.   At last! 

The younger kids had their Elementary Track & Field Day.  It was the first year ever that the field wasn't covered in dandelions.   We're still way behind here.  It was a beautiful day.   Our kids love to run.   They had fun!

Lilly finishing 600 meters strong, and long jumping.
Johnathan taking a good lead in the relay race.
Beau in the kindergarten races, which were full of smiles and just for fun.

After an away game Friday evening, we made a detour to visit Mitch's Dad for his birthday to the southwest of us.
Saturday we celebrated the 7th birthday of a nephew in the opposite direction, to the northeast of us. 
After two very late evenings this way & that, it was nice to stay put at home for Mother's Day.  

Yardwork.   It was a rare occasion that all five of my kids were home Sunday afternoon, so I enlisted them to help me with some Mother's Day yard work.  We were finally able to rake the yard, clear a few flowers & plants out & clean up around the woodshed after the long winter.  Mitch fixed up the driveway, got the lawn mower out & running, and tilled the garden, too   It felt good to finally get that outdoor spring work done, or began, respectively.

Meanwhile, we've sent a bucket of tadpole eggs to the kindergarten classroom to be under watch.  Some have hatched.  Our maple trees have finally blossomed. 

No cowslips, fiddleheads, or bloodroot blooms.  No spring wildflowers yet.  
Pokegama Lake still had plenty of ice on it today as we went by, despite the extremely windy conditions we've had for a few days.  (It's late for us to still have ice.  It has become quite newsworthy, since this past weekend was the Minnesota fishing opener.) 
There was snow in the air Saturday, but was nearly ninety degrees today.      
The kids have been getting grubby.  Springtime is by far the most challenging time of year in the laundry department.  Freckles are bursting out on Beau's little face. 
While on our way home tonight, I saw the slightest hint of green on the trees in the distance. 

My mind is full of thoughts and ideas that I'd like to be sharing. 
May doesn't look like it'll be letting up, though.  We've got a busy baseball schedule to wrap up. Sports awards banquet to attend.  A possible, extremely-short-notice, whirlwind cross-country trip to carry out.  A kindergartener to graduate.  A birthday for Lilly.  Home improvements to dig into. 
There's the garden to plant.  Maybe tomorrow.  
For now, sleep is calling my name.    
So much to do in so little time, when spring is condensed into just a few short weeks.  

Hopefully now that I've rambled, I'll be back on track here. 
I am not a person who likes to glorify "busy." 
Socrates said, "Beware the barrenness of a busy life."   I agree.  I believe in a happy medium.
I don't enjoy being on the go all the time.
  I like being home, in one place long enough to notice the change in environment from one day to the next.  Watching those tadpoles change, and the new plant leaves crown through the ground.  I like being centered.  Having time to write & think. 
We're so close to summer vacation, and I look forward to it. 
Free to do what we please and go where the days take us, at a leisurely, less scheduled pace. 
is where the really good stuff happens!   

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  1. Gosh, you have been on the go lately! Spring is definitely a busier time of the year. I'm glad you were able to check in and share your words and photos. The images are really great! I love all the baseball action shots :)

  2. Ah, blessed Spring! Glad you have your husband back :) LOVE the baseball pics, especially the one of the boys walking with their backs toward you.

  3. You definitely have no excuse for being bored with your busy life. I'm glad May is going well for all of you. It would be nice if the lake ice were to disappear soon.

  4. Your post brought back memories of when my boys were young and I was running them every which way -- before they could drive. I don't really miss all that... but I do miss them. :)

  5. Amanda,
    I have been thinking about you. I kind of figured you were busy with kids and catching up. There is always something to do (maintain, work on or fix) in the country.

    Your kids are only young once. I am sure no matter how tired you are you love being a Mom and so involved in their life. Sounds like you are setting a great example and support system for your family.

    We have had a busy week and next week is full already too. After we get cattle to grass we should be able to take a short breath.

  6. Amanda, thank you for your most thoughtful comment. I must admit I bawled like a baby at the sheer truth and beauty of the song . . . I never saw Charlotte's Web.
    I seldom get the time to read long thoughtful posts but I enjoyed yours so much. It took me back to the childhood of my children and grandchildren. The latter, who share the farm with me, are all three in their twenties yet the happy times we had when school holidays came around are a treasured memory.
    I too like to be grounded and get my hands into the soil up to the elbows if times are unsettling. Life is such a glorious gift for us to cherish, I embrace all that the earth holds and a lot more . . .
    I wish you time in between, those little snippets like daydream time while waiting in the super market queue or for the lights to change or taking your notebook or sketchbook to the baseball game. I wish you plenty of 'in-between time'.

  7. Precious family time! These are some of the very brightest and best moments of your life and I can tell that you embrace them with your whole heart!!
    Happy Weekend!

  8. I love love love that last picture of the road!

  9. Beware the bareness of the busy life. Indeed. Most of my retired friends seem to believe its important to stress how much busier they are now that they were before retirment. I don't get it. I retired to unbusy myself and find time to relax and smell the roses...:)

  10. I like this post - the open road stretching into the distance looks like an invitation!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Many nice Things happening in May - the out door games sounds great (besides the laundry - we're lucky though to be born in the Century where the washing machines are invented :) The spring flowers will surely blossom within a few weeks - here the rain & warmth brought us almost to a summer within 10 days (I took daily pictures of the birch tree leaves from buds to leaves - hope to get the time to put them om the blog before fall ;)
    Love the quote of Socrates - I lean also towards the happy medium ...