May 25, 2013

Five Facts Friday

1.  Everything is turning spring green.  I love it.

2.  Yesterday Mason & Eric played a double header.  An away game in the early afternoon, and a further away game following that one in the evening.  In order to watch, we had to take the younger three kids out of school before noon, otherwise they would have been home alone until bedtime hours.
It was a beautiful day for baseball, and for taking half a day off school to be out in the sunshine.
We got to watch Mason & Eric as pitcher/catcher.  The guy at third base happens to be my nephew who is about to graduate. 

3.  Did I mention how much I loved upstate New York, even though we were there just one full day?
We've been talking lightly about moving there.  I've realized suddenly how much I would like to distance ourselves from so many things.  Mitch is in demand here every day of our life.  If it's not work, it's someone else who wants him to saw something or fix something or build something or do something.  His phone never stops ringing.  Meanwhile, here I am, quite solitary & all too often wishing for a helping hand.  I'm realizing that my reasons for always wanting to stay near "home" in the past are not valid anymore. 

*Update:  I was free-writing, and I'm not sure this came out just right.  That was just a new side-thought, on top of many older existing ones.
Mitch is the one who has always and forever wanted to move.  I've always been the one deeply rooted to home.  There are many reasons for this light talk of ours, that I did not write about.  Mostly, because we settled very, very young, before we gave ourselves any opportunity to explore new places.  On rare occasions, we find a place we think is wonderful and we feel really fits us.  This past week was one of them.   

We won't be rushing to pack up our homestead.  We are pretty deeply planted here as a family. 
It's always fun to dream and imagine, and to free your mind to new possibilities.  This is no new topic to us.

4.  We wove our way between all five of the Great Lakes on our way home earlier this week.  They really are Great.  Of course I'm partial to Lake Superior, because it's the one I've known all my life, and it is mighty & powerful & awesome.  But the turquoise shallower shores of Lake Michigan & Ontario.. loveliness.

(A much different part of Ontario than we're used to.)

Dunes along Lake Michigan's northern tip..

5.  Beau's freckles are really something.  They seem to multiply by the day. 
He picked me some cowslips from the swamp this week.  (Our first spring blooms of the year.) 
He said, "Flowers are a sign of love.  And flowers are a sign of Spring."

(These photos are from wonderful spring days exploring with Beau, while he was still home with me in years past.)

I hope your Memorial Weekend is filled with all that makes you happiest!

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  1. well, if the moving bug hits you, i hope it will be a dream come true.

  2. Great photos - your boys look wonderful. And the photos of the lake - grand!!! Moving is such a big step - hope it comes about if that is what you want.

  3. Beautiful photographs. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  4. Hi Amanda, I have a friend whose hubby is also a 'jack of all trades' type of guy... He is called on constantly to help other people --while work at their home doesn't get done. It can get frustrating.. Just ask my friend, Judy.

    If moving gives you a new start in life, then I'd go for it. Good Luck with a big decision like that.

    Love your photos of the lakes.. Gorgeous.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  5. This is a neat post, Amanda. Mostly about travel which I like to read. My boys all played baseball when they were school age. There was quite a bit of rivalry between the twins but the always were both on the same team. And they both pitched, a lefty and a righty (mirror twins).

    We have not been to New Orleans since the hurricane. It is about time for us again and it might be this fall. Mrs. Jim has never been to Grand Isle as she lived in the central part of Louisiana, in Alexandria. I think that would be a nice top-down ride. We did stay at one of the plantation homes, Madewood Plantation.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! You have a beautiful family and take great photos of them.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! You have a beautiful family and take great photos of them.

  8. Those lake shots are lovely!

  9. Amanda,
    You know I so enjoy your writing and photos. Your day and your family are just beautiful and you are such an engaged parent. This is a lovely attribute and will serve you well all of your life.
    Oh the moving, I understand this "distancing," concept only too well and my husband and I are in a similar place at an older age. So much to think about and plan for- Keep me updated on your plans!
    Happy Hugs-

  10. Indeed. When the marsh marigolds are in full bloom spring has finally settled in. Your right about the awesome powerful beauty of Lake Superior and Lake Michigans softer gentler shores. I like both....:)

  11. I kinda had to laugh because my hubby is the same way -- will always help a friend in need. I actually wouldn't have it any other way and I'm thinking a change in geography wouldn't change that particular situation or the man. Just my two cents worth. Have a great weekend Amanda.

  12. What fine pictures of a beautiful young man, filled with love and light. I wish you a memorable Memorial Day, too. :-)

  13. The pictures of Beau are adorable. You must be very proud of your baseball-playing older sons. I think it's neat that you were able to make quick visits to all five Great Lakes on your trip.

  14. Your lake pics are so pretty- not at all what I picture when I think of the great lakes. And Beau is a cutie!

  15. Awww, cute photos of Beau! I think that it is wonderful to dream and talk about different plans. I always want to be open to everything life has to offer so I dream quite often. If you guys do decide to move in the future I wish you the best of luck!

  16. "Flowers are a sign of love. And flowers are a sign of Spring." I hope your cute little one remembers those words forever. Mother's Day and Bithdays for you and your girls will be fun.

    Your lake pictures are awesome, Amanda!


  17. Beautiful lake views, esp the last w/ the texture, love it. that face is just too cute =)

  18. Ron and I have those same "moving" conversations, especially when we're traveling - lots of time to talk and dream together. (We also got married very young - never really thought of that as the "why", but it sure could be!) I think we both know we'll never move, but we have been known to start conversations with "when we build our next house...". We've also talked about taking a year, like Charles Kuralt, and living in a variety of places for a good portion of time. That's more realistic for us than actually moving!

  19. Well, I agree with you that Upstate New York certainly is beautiful! Living in central Ontario, I see a lot of Lakes Ontario and Huron. I want to wander to southwestern Ontario to see more of Lake Erie and I dream ot seeing Lakes Michigan and Superior, which I haven't seen in years. LOVED this post! :)