May 3, 2013

Five Facts : Welcoming May

1.  Wednesday was May Day.  
Growing up, we made May baskets every year.  I remember filling them with chocolate no-bake cookies and lemon drops in particular.  My mom would stop the car (neighbors were sometimes several miles apart growing up in a rural community) at the end of a driveway, or behind trees, and we would run their basket to the door.  Looking back, I can see how much the neighbors loved it, always grinning and waving as they saw us run away.
In the spring after we built & moved into our house 14 years ago, we delivered a May basket to our new neighbors down the road.  I met Earl that May Day.  Marianne wasn't home, she was just 80 then, and probably visiting Italy or some exciting place.  He was "bach-in' it" as he always called it when she was away.  (Earl rarely, if ever, left home in the years we knew him.)  I met Marianne after her return.
Wednesday evening six-year-old Beau was eager to deliver a May basket to Marianne, now 94.   He, Lilly, & Johnathan said they were going to let her catch them so she could give them hugs, they ran over on their bikes and stayed for a good visit.
My sister from 30+ miles away left May Day treats in our mail box.

Times have changed, but May Day lives on!

2.  Tuesday
night the frogs started singing in our woods!  
I make note of this event each year, always a favorite day for me to hear their sound after the long, quiet winter.   Last year they came out singing March 20th, and Johnathan caught our first Wood Frog March 24th. 
The night before May Day was all we heard from them.  It has since been cold, icy, and quiet again.  
(Johnathan with Wood Frog, last year.)

3.  Lilly is off for a special weekend with Granny, her first & farthest trip away from home without us.  She's getting to do all kinds of fun stuff, lucky duck.  It's probably a nice little vacation from her four brothers. 

4.  Johnathan & Beau are like two silly peas in a pod while she's away.  The change in dynamic from three kids on a Friday evening after a tiring week, to two is incredible!  They're having a good time.  It's probably a nice little vacation from their sister.  ☺

Usually Three Amigos, day in & day out...

5.  Mason & Eric finally had their first baseball game this week,
after nearly a month of cancellations. (Our home field still has some lingering snow in left field and a lake behind 1st base.)  Tonight was game two, and their first win of the season.  They each hit a double.  
Mason & Eric playing ball a couple of years ago:

Happy May!

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  1. We never did celebrate MD when I was growing up, your tradition is lovely. Sweet, sweet story about Earl and Marianne. I love the frog in hands photo, gorgeous children..still snowish on your playing fields, long winters this year.

  2. Oh, I love hearing your May day traditions! What a fun treat to be your neighbor!
    Growing up in rural Idaho My Mother and I would take a May day walk-to the river. It was exciting because the river was full from snow melting in the mountains!
    Sweet memories and thank you for sharing yours-

  3. It was one of my blogging friends who taught me about May baskets. I had never seen them growing up in California. Our peepers started singing about a month ago, and I love the sound too. Your pictures are precious, Amanda. You are a very talented photographer. :-)

  4. Lovely photos and even lovelier family.

  5. Hi Amanda, you have some super cute children, and Jonathan is the most beautiful name, because it's also my son's name. :) I grew up in Prague and May Day was always a very big deal. Not so much in Canada or England where I live now. I like to do a little celebration anyway. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  6. i'm glad you finally got to hear your frogs. ours start as early as january, sometimes. i love them, too. the pond is close to the house so they get very loud, but i don't mind.

    your kids are so beautiful. :)

  7. Lovely shots! Frog song is a sure sign of spring!

  8. Here in the Uk, I heard our first Cuckoo on friday, which is supposed to mean spring is here! i love your images, happiness and frogs!
    Visiting from Tawny Moon Studio :)

  9. It sounds as if you and your family have a great way of celebrating May Day.

  10. I have lived in Australia for the best part of 20 years - and it still does not make sense to me the May is in the Autumn!! Inside of me its still to do with the first frogs and new leaves, not falling leaves and the first frost!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Sounds like spring is finally coming your way! I've not heard of the tradition of May Day baskets, what a wonderful thing to do and a great way to spread kindness and love - almost like Christmas.

  12. Simply beautiful colours...lovely!

  13. I have never heard of that Mayday tradition - it's fantastic!

  14. i love frogs. have a great weekend. big big hugs. ( :

  15. What a fun May Day tradition! I've never heard of it before, but I just love it. Such a sweet idea. I love the photo of the frog! We've been hearing frogs out here lately, too, and it makes me smile. Such a cute photo of all the kids together :)

  16. I too love the sounds of the frogs, it signals warm weather here. Thank you for sharing your May Day fun. Hope the kids get their baseball season's no fun when it's cold & windy.