May 29, 2013

Lilly, 9 years : When I look at this world, I think about you.

Early in the morning on this day nine years ago, we got one of the biggest surprises of our life (right up there with finding out we were having twins a day and a half before they were born) when they said.. "It's a GIRL!" 
(We hadn't wanted to know, but Mitch & I were certain we were expecting our 4th boy at that time.)
Beautiful Lilly was born, and an amazing girl she is.

She came into the world quickly after waiting 9 days past her due date.  

Her nine years have been full of beauty & adventure.
So much I'd like to share about all of the above.
First, though - on our way out the door.  Mason & Eric won their playoff game Saturday & play again today.
She has always fit in and shared her life so graciously with four brothers.
I'm not personally a big fan of modern country music, but there's this song that plays in my head often when I think of Lilly:  "I think about you, eight years old. Big blue eyes and a heart of gold. When I look at this world, I think about you."


  1. Awww what a sweet post! Lilly is such a beautiful girl. Please wish her a very happy 9th birthday for me!

    Now this business about finding out you were having twins a day and a half before they were born...that sounds crazy! I can't even imagine!

  2. she is just wildly beautiful. :) happy sweet birthday, young lady!

  3. Oh what a cutie!! My youngest sister just turned 10 in January :)
    My absolute favorite picture of her is the middle one in the bottom row, too cute!

    I wish her a happy happy birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday to the beautiful soul who greets me in your header, every single time I visit, with a smile that brightens the entire room I'm in! Thank you for sharing your beautiful person with me. :-)

  5. What a sweet tribute to your little girl.

  6. Happy Birthday to Lily. She is GORGEOUS. Those eyes are to die for... Bet she'll have lots of young men wanting her attention once she's a teenager... ha


  7. You have an adorable daughter. Beautiful photos!

  8. What an adorable face! Wishing her a fabulous day.

  9. I hope Lily had a wonderful birthday. Your collage is beautiful, as is Lily. I love those big blue eyes.

  10. Happy birthday to Lily ~ seeing her eyes is like watching to clear, blue well or river .. Such a beauty with her genuine smile! She is lucky to have 4 brothers - her brothers are lucky to have her! Thank you for sharing these precious moments .., And congrats on the victory in the play off game!