May 31, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It's been an eventful week.  I could easily post a random fifteen instead of five.

1.  Out for a walk last night, we saw the first set of tiny fawn tracks on our driveway.   They were so dainty, about the size of my thumbprint.  On Lilly's birthday the day before, I had given her a little fawn beanie baby, and told her she was born at about the same time as them.  This one may very well have been born on her birthday!   We don't normally see them until well into June, though.  
All the woodland wildflowers are starting to bloom at once. The ferns are opening.  Trees are covered with fragrant white blossoms.  I even found new purple pine cones yesterday.  It's my favorite fleeting time in the woods.

2.   Lilly turned nine years old Wednesday.  We had pizza, watermelon, strawberry cake & ice cream as per her request.  Because of the way the days and events fell into place, she hasn't yet had her birthday bash with friends.  

2½ (side fact): The photos above of Lilly on her birthday were not intended to look textured or with some grainy / vintagey effect.   My camera has been suffering fatal errors and glitches every now & then since the start of the year.  This week it was having exposure problems.  No matter what I did, these shots turned out black.  So I had to edit the exposure to get an image to appear out of the darkness. (It has also done the opposite - white images.) 
It's working fine again, but it's probably time to look into a new camera.   This one has served a fair lifespan of shutter clicks.

3.  Mason & Eric wrapped up their freshman baseball season. Playoffs started Memorial Weekend.   It was a short season, but there were some fun highlights.  They both finished with strong batting averages, and it was fun to see them play as pitcher / catcher - totally unexpected this year.

Mason, leading off their first playoff game with a double.   He had three doubles in that game. 

4.  Beau graduated from kindergarten Thursday.  His class put on the play "Three Nanny Goats Gruff" and received their diplomas.
All five of our kids have had the same wonderful kindergarten teacher.  (Her dedication to the classroom and kids goes far above & beyond.)   

5.  Summer vacation is here today!!  There are frogs to be watched and turtles to observe and fish to catch.  We bought and planted two new apple trees this week, and the garden is all planted. 
Johnathan is already doing his thing.  :)

Sharing with Random 5 Friday.   And a LOT of catch up posting to do, coming up.  Wow, what a May!


  1. You must be so proud of your kids and rightly so. Happy for you, really.

    Sorry about the camera, but camera shopping is fun.

    Enjoy your weekend Amanda. :)

  2. nice to see your family all doing so well (sorry your camera is not!) :)

  3. That is so sweet that all of your kids have had the same kindergarten teacher! She sounds wonderful.

    I always love your action shots of the baseball games. Congrats to Mason & Eric on a successful season!

  4. If you had not told me, I would have thought the birthday pictures were intended to be that way! Congratulations to everybody for their milestones! And you too, Mom...

  5. What a joyous and busy time! Happy Birthday to Lilly and Congrats to Beau! Looks like life is good and Summer is here!

  6. Amanda,
    You are right What a May!

    1. I have never seen purple pinecones. Pretty.

    2. When we were growing Birday Parties involved DQ Icecream Cake, our favorite meal (or take out pizza). When we were in lower elementarty school Mom took our school class to the roller rink for skating.

    3.-5. Your kiddos keep you busy! Hope you and the family have a fantastic summer vacation!


  7. Great shots! Any summer ball?

  8. Camera acting up, eh? Sounds like a great excuse to get a new one! :)

  9. You'll have to keep your camera handy in case that fawn comes back when you can get a picture. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with exposure on your camera, but I hope it will behave until you can get a new one. It looks as if all of you are ready for summer vacation.