May 6, 2013

Thrifting : Colorful Finds

I've been on a colorful streak when it comes to thrift finds.. possibly an effect from our very long winter & wait for spring.  Since sharing is half the fun, here are a few of them:

I found this Minnesota poster for a few dollars.  The print itself (18" x 24") is marked Jane Peters 1981 (almost as old as me), printed on quality matte finish poster paper & in excellent condition. 
Bonus: When I removed it from the cheap frame, the kids were excited to find a Disney Epcot Center poster behind it dated 1982. I don't care much for Disney characters, but this one is a purple reptilian creature holding a pot of gold with a rainbow springing out of it.  Lilly likes it, and can do what she pleases with it. 
I'm just thrilled with my Minnesota print.

I've picked up a couple of cute throw pillows in bright hues for 99¢. 
They're at home in Lilly's room on her pink chair (which was thrifted for under $10.)

They compliment her Legos nicely. ☺ 

For 49¢ I couldn't pass up Roy Lichtensteins's ABC book. 
Lichtensteins's paintings are filled with brilliant color, dots, and stripes - his is one of the most identifiable in all contemporary art.  The alphabet letters & fonts alone are just dreamy.  
There are 55 pages of color illustrations in this book.  If I had the nerve to cut into it, I think they'd be fantastic framed.  (Which was actually why I bought it..  The letters are begging to be hung as monograms on the wall.)  The ink is incredible.
"Art books are usually printed in a combination of standard colors.  Here, however, we have matched the colors to actual paint chips from Lichtenstein's palette.  Thus, red, blue, yellow, green, and black as they appar on the page duplicate as closely as possible the colors found in the original art."

After all that, I feel like I should have taken a photo of some of the pages. 
Oh well, maybe they'll end up in some future project to show.

Next up: a vintage yellow task lamp.  It was under $5, and I love it.   The only tiny marking I can find says Underwriters Laboratories Portable Lamp.  (UL approval sticker.)  Lamps like this one appear to bring in good prices on Etsy.  I'll be keeping mine.

I'm a sucker for books and got The Nature of Life (in blue) in exchange for some books I no longer wanted at a local resource made for such.
You may know that we don't have television in our home (and LOVE it.)  And we read a lot. 
We read all these old books that everyone seems to discard.  Particularly exploring, discovery, nature & history books.

I wanted to save this last one to post with a 50's silk dress I picked up (and haven't yet photographed).. but the dots go so perfectly with Lichtenstein, so I'll share now.
It's a vintage handbag, probably from the 50's.  The tag inside is stamped "Caviar Beadette by Lumured Made in USA" with patent number.  I've searched and found purses in the coordinating color, but none in the same style, nor in as good of shape. This one is missing not a single bead.
I'm not much of a hand bag person, but I thought this was absolutely adorable. 
I splurged and spent $6 on it at Goodwill.  (A fraction of what my investigation found similar Lumured handbags selling for.. looks like these mid-century gems bring in a pretty penny.) 

I don't know when I'll use it, but someday there will be just the right occasion.
I have to talk myself into being a little bit impractical once in a while!

That's all for now.  
How about you?  Any fun thrift finds lately?

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  1. Great finds all around! I love every single item. The lamp is gorgeous, and the handbag is out of this world!!!

  2. I love the prints especially. That book for 49 cents is really neat! :-)

  3. i like the cute lamp, for sure, AND the minnesota poster!

  4. Congrats n the lovely finds! I remember studying under a red laboratory lamp :) love the textures and the colors of the pillows, and your bag! I hope we'll get to go by a thrift shop here next weekend :)

  5. Amanda,
    you found some great stuff! Love the poster & lamp, all of them. Nothing better then finding great stuff for great prices!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Oooh, great finds! I am in love with Lilly's pink chair! I haven't been thrifting lately so no new finds for me. But when I do go, I often bring home vintage kitchen items :)

  7. Amanda, thank you for sharing your wonderful finds with us. The beaded purse was a steal of a deal. It would look great display on a wall with some of the Lichtenstein alphabet pages. I have a hard time tearing into a book also, but I will scan one into the computer for my personal use.

  8. Oh My. And here I thought we were the last parents in North American that didn't have a TV when our boys were young. Nor toys guns for that matter. Later though we did have it for sports and I taught them how to hunt with the real thing....

  9. Hi Amanda, glad you're keeping the lamp. With a name like Underwriters Laboratories it just makes me think of experimental insurance agents. Hmmm what would the risk assessment be if we cross x with y.....

  10. Fun finds! I've bought books with the idea of framing pages before, however, I've never been able to do it, so I understand your dilemma! I can't even bring myself to dog-ear a page while I'm reading. I always tell my students to take care of books because they have feelings, too. :)

  11. Great finds! I am drooling over your task lamp! It is so bright and graphic looking and pairing it with the blue book was a great idea for the photo.

  12. Well you had a great day thrifting! I love that beaded purse, which is ironic since I don't carry one. :)

  13. Love, love, love that Minnesota poster! What a find :-) And the Lichtenstein book looks super cool. I have a collection of unique older books and the children's books are some of my favorites.

  14. Hi there - I think a morning wandering about in local markets is always a source of good things!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Just discovered your site after enjoying the article 25 things to do when it is 40C below. All your finds I think are great, particularly Lichtensteins's ABC book, at .49 what a steal. I enjoyed an exhibition of his paintings and sculptures in Paris in '13. great stuff.