June 12, 2013

{ Photo Challenge } 4 Self Portraits : 4 Ways

My blog friend, Nina, is co-hosting a photography challenge, which is based on something I firmly believe in - "to look at the world around us with curiosity - seeing things in our everyday environment in a new light."
Photography has been a part of my life for a long time now.  I never stop learning, and I enjoy trying new things to challenge myself.
Well, the first theme was an area of challenge for me, indeed:  Self Portraits.  
Selfies are not something I am very practiced at, nor that comfortable in sharing.  (I'm more in my element taking photos such as these.  So this really is a good challenge for me!
Wouldn't you know, though, May took off & got extremely busy for us with spring's late arrival, school & days of the go for sporting activities, a quick trip to New York, and so on.. and I missed the timeline to participate.  
I had taken the photos of myself, but didn't do the real challenging part for me in this area - which was to share them. 
So - because they're here on my computer, reminding me, and in a way, still challenging me, I figured I'd follow through. 
Better late than never.
1.  Serious.   I have a tendency to smile like a goon all the time, so this is different to me.  A hundred and ten years ago, in my highschool senior photos, I grinned in every one. When clearly, some of the closeups were meant to be serious.  On one hand, I never appreciated the look of angst or attitude that sometimes resulted from those serious senior photos.  On the other,  there is a time & place for serious.  It allows you to see a person's features differently.  

2.  Normal.   Taken with the built in camera on my laptop.  Just me on another weekend afternoon at home, waiting for the snow to stop in May.

3.  On the map.  
Exploring is something I love to do.  I'm rarely photographed doing it. 
On this day, I saw my reflection & seized an opportunity to document my being there.  (Literally - There!  We were inside the state park outline on the map that my head is framed inside.)
I love photographing people doing things..  playing an instrument, their favorite sport, building, creating, hands at work.  Interactions show so much of a person's character. 

4.  Creative.   Another computer shot.  I was looking out the window, longing for spring to come.  Goofing around, I added this paint texture and thought it was amusing.  I removed the texture from my eyes, and to my surprise, I had myself a creative portrait.   Ha!   
Most of my "profile pictures" are more reserved, black & white or sepia toned. 
So, this colorful approach is something new for me!   I think it was the long winter making me crazy for color.  :)

Since we have nice weather finally, it would be fun to attempt a real self portrait outdoors.  I've always preferred shooting outdoors, it's where I've done all of my portrait work in the past with other people as subjects. 
Be that as it may - there you have it.  Four self portraits.  Four ways.  
Now I have to do the really challenging thing, and click... [Publish]

PS: I'm too late to properly join, but you can find the 4 Ways Photo Challenge here. 
(I plan to complete the next challenge within the timeline!)


  1. I love these, Amanda. You are a good subject, too. I like the first one the best, where you are being serious. :-)

  2. you're so cute. :) i LOVE the last one! really creative and artful!

  3. I think you did a marvelous job with your self-portraits, but I understand how you feel. I doubt that I could find four self-portraits of myself if I tried.

  4. Well done Amanda. I like the first one best...:)

  5. You did a wonderful Work with the self-portraits Amanda! I like each and every one of them, your beautiful eyes are very expressive - attentive and awaiting in the first Picture, smiling and warm in the second, oh the 3rd is so creative, telling a story ! and the 4th has a subtle, dreaminess - a mix between poesy, curioisty and a corner of something arising (the texture adds a cool feeling of creative, pure and gentle wildness!)

  6. These are so great! I'm glad you shared them. I'm always behind the camera and never have my photo taken, so it would be hard for me to do this challenge and share the photos!

  7. Amanda you are so pretty! You did such a lovely job with these, better late then never! I absolutely love that first one, while it is serious its also a fun shot :) And that third one is awesome. Reminds me of a photo I have taken but never shared. Congratulations on facing your fears and sharing these!