June 3, 2013

Shy Bloomers : Northern MN Woodland Wildflowers

I mentioned that it's my favorite time in the woods during my Random Friday Ramblings.
Here are a few of my favorite humble residents of our woods, that are currently here to live their short life cycle before the forest canopy leafs out & blocks out their sunlight.
A favorite:  Jack in the Pulpit.   
My husband (one with the woods, and keen observer) admitted that he had never been aware of these guys until I showed him. 
The thing about low growing woodland wildflowers is I have to lay right down with my chin to the ground to photograph them.   Some of them are shy bloomers and often go unnoticed.  

Another of these shy bloomers and favorite of mine is the Nodding Trillium. 
Kin to the more extroverted Large-flowered trilliums that hang out in bold crowds along the forest floor, enough to draw your attention as you're driving down the highway, these guys are often not seen at all.
It's easy to miss them if you don't know what to look for in their leaves, which make sort of an umbrella that covers the smaller flower.  I think they're so pretty.  (Again - getting down & dirty to see and photograph them.)

One of our shyest bloomers of all is Wild Ginger. 
I love this ground cover immensely.   The interesting little flowers are down near it's roots, buried under grasses & leaves on the ground.

Here's a closeup of it's flower, I had to temporarily lift it a bit from the ground matter to see it.

And though it's not hidden, and even though I already shared this photo -
I still can't get over the fact that I've never seen purple pine cones before or knew they existed. 
I know of a store with the name The Purple Pine cone, but I always considered it something like a saloon called the "Blue Moose."   Just a catchy name. 
They do exist!  Who knew?  
I think it's a little black spruce that they're growing on. 

It's a wonderful time to take a closer look at the life around us - changing every day.
My favorite.

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  1. Beautiful petite flowers! The Nodding trillium is so delicate, and yet it's under the leaf - also the ginger flowers ... thank's to your attentive eyes we get the priviledge of admiring them- And I've never seen a purple cone - only the bright green ones (yet another reason to head over to the great nature, and the big lakes, over there :) Enjoy the walks in the midst of these miniature forest beauties!

  2. I love the Trillium. We have them by our creek and if you don't look close, you will miss them. Really great shots!

  3. Stunning shots, Amanda - the wildflowers are done here, so it's nice to see yours!

  4. I grew up with wild ginger, but have not seen it here in Michigan. I alway loved the tiny hiddened flower. Amazing photo of the jack in the pulpit--we have a few of them, and I am trying to encourage them to spread a bit.

  5. beautiful views from your area, Amanda... I saw some RED pinecones recently on a blog --and now I see PURPLE... How 'bout that???? Neat!

    Love the Jack in the Pulpit and the Trillium. Our Smoky Mtn. Trillium doesn't look like this at all...Interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What lovely and delicate pictures of the flowers.

  7. Beautiful shots of beautiful flowers, Amanda. I am enchanted. :-)

  8. Well, I'll be! Purple pine cones! Who knew? Not me, that's for sure. So glad I popped in this morning! xo

  9. Great pictures - not too many flowers out and about down here! I'm off to the coast for a day soon - here's hoping for some good light!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: glad you like the wordy blog, and thinks for the find words.

  10. I love seeing these lovely wildflowers! This certainly is a wonderful time to be out in the woods with a camera!

  11. You have made some fabulous captures along the forest floor! None of those grow in this part of the country that I know of. I've seen a jack in the pulpit only in wildflower books. Beautiful photography!

  12. Such beauty you found in the forest! Thanks for sharing.

  13. First of all my dad thinks those red flowers are awesome. Second of all, I am very excited to say that I actually have a little tree with purple pine cones!!

  14. You've done a marvelous job of capturing these shy bloomers. I really like your Jack-in-the-Pulpit photo. Your photo of the purple pine cones is also beautiful.

  15. So neat how the wild ginger blooms low to the ground like that. Many people (including me most likely!) would not think to look that hard for pretty blossoms. I'm glad you captured these "shy bloomers" for us to see! :)

  16. Gorgeous finds, I love see the world through the lens of camera.

  17. Mn sure does have some beautiful wild flowers. It's one of the things I loved about it when I lived there.

  18. Amanda,
    The Northern MN "shy bloomers" are well worth the wait! Beautiful.

    I'm glad you got back track with my blog updates. Thanks for taking the time to read past posts and comment. I appreciate it. If you have any more issues let me know; I can try to problem solve on my end too.

    Have a great week!


  19. Gorgeous post Amanda! I will likely never have the chance to wonder your amazing far-away country or wonder in any woods but you have shared some of it's delightful little secrets with us here. Just beautiful, each one.

  20. Every spring my class goes on a wild ginger excursion to the woods by the school. I always dig up a root and cut it up in tiny little pieces for the kids to try. They make some great faces! Also, John Latimer shared some really cool info on the phenology of jack-in-the-pulpit. It can change sexes from season to season. If it is a good growing year, it will be female. But if the flower gets broken off or it is a dry year, the plant will come up male the next spring. The girls love this idea!

  21. your first capture is simply stunning

  22. Beautiful shots! I love the jack in the pulpit!

  23. Great job of finding these treasures! It always pays to take some time. Your photos are simply great!

  24. Gorgeous photos of these woodland wildflowers.