June 15, 2013

Sprucing up the Coop

We only had a couple of hours notice before we became chicken keepers again this month.
As I pointed out when introducing Lucy, Scarlett, Chiquita, & Bandita,
the coop was looking a little shabby & neglected:

It's funny how you don't really notice something becoming rundown when you see it every day, but seeing it in a photo, it becomes very noticeable!
Over the weekend Mitch & Johnathan went to work at removing the rocks out of the landscaping & tearing out the weeds.
We had some hostas that needed dividing, and decided to re-home them here.
What a difference getting rid of some weeds can make!

(Lilly also washed the dusty window.)
One thing led to another and we cleaned out the garden shed (the main part of the little building - the coop is just the wing with the window.)
In doing so, we switched out our plain old weather vane for this wonky one that my mom made us years ago.  It had been in the shed, somewhat forgotten, and seems right at home now, giving our shed & coop some added character. (It's made of an old bike wheel, rusty funnels, and copper tubing.)

Next step - some scrubbing & wood staining is desperately needed.

The chickenistas seem happy in their new home, regardless!

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  1. i LOVE that weather vane!!! more! your mom needs to make more!

  2. Love that last picture. Chickenista is happy with the new spruced up digs. :-)

  3. That is a beautiful looking coop! Well done.

  4. You and your family did a wonderful job sprucing up the chicken coop. I really like your weather vane.

  5. It looks so great! I love the hosta gardens with the stones around them. Glad the "chickenistas" are settling in nicely :)

  6. The names are so sweet - As well as the Little chicken peeking out in the last Picture! A wonderful summer-farm :)

  7. Now there's an upgrade if I ever saw one. I hope the chickenistas appraciate it and the hostas their new locale...:)

  8. Love that weather vane. I'm a bit jealous of the coop. Mine is just a little thing and is quite hillbilly looking.

  9. Good job- looks like a new place...love that weather vane- so cool!

  10. Fantastic job ~ Coop looks great and neat photos ~ Weather vane is wonderful! Love the chicken photo!