July 6, 2013

Random 5 : 4th of July Week

1.  Excavators were here this week and our yard is disasterized.  (All part of the progress, I keep telling myself.)
They accidentally cut our off-peak electric line, leaving us without hot water the following day.  They also backed over my Prairiefire Crabapple (which we've had the longest of our domestic trees) with a giant excavator.  I had photographed it's blossoms just recently.   Bummer!

2. This guy has been trying to stay cool by laying in the asparagus box.   I suppose to give him some credit, the timber framed box is about the size of a dog bed.   We remedied that with some chicken wire over the top of it.

3.  We watched fireworks from on the lake the night of the 4th.  Other than that, we stayed home for the day, working on the gardens and keeping up with strawberry picking
Crowds & swarms of people, especially mixed with asphalt & heat, are NOT my thing.  
This is my happy place.  

4. This seems to be the year of the Tree Frog.   Leopard frogs and wood frogs have been few.  But the kids have caught dozens and dozens of tree frogs.   They are my favorite!!

5.  My front-loading washing machine quit yesterday, mid-load, wouldn't drain or spin. 
I don't think I can successfully convey the type of laundry conditions we have here.  Mitch gets DIRTY at work.  (He tends to get dirty at home, too.)  Mason & Eric are now working with him, as well.  The three of them have come home multiple times this past week caked in mud from shoulder to foot.  On non-muddy days, it's sawdust from the sawmill, and ordinary dirt.  Then there are the sweaty-stinky clothes from Mason & Eric's football training and basketball.   And of course, three more kids and myself and usual household laundry for a family of seven.  
I literally let out a "Woop! Woop!"  when we found and solved the problem this morning and got the washer to run again. 
High fives were shared.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Whew! I'm so glad you got that washer fixed. You NEED it! That little frog is adorable!

  2. oh, good save on the washer! sorry about the crab apple tree! hope it recovers! the tree frog is adorable! big smile!

  3. Sorry about the crabapple tree. I was so pretty. Glad you got the washer fixed! That's a lot of dirty clothes to wash!

  4. Aw your poor Crabapple tree, and you must have a ton of ironing. Beautiful dog and I love the little bitty frog, he is so cute.

  5. Sorry about your crabapple tree and clothes washer. Glad to hear your washer got fixed!

  6. beautiful flowers, but so sorry they ran over them... what a handsome pup & love the deck =)

  7. Your excitement must have matched mine when we discovered a $7.00 part was going to fix our washer. Yay! :)

  8. Thank heavens you got it fixed. That would be a real problem, not to be able to get those boys clean! And I love your dog's face, he's so sweet, you can see it. :-)

  9. It sounds as if you've had a hectic week. I'm sorry to hear about your tree -- is there any possibility of saving it? I am glad you got the washer working. I think your deck is the ideal spot for watching fireworks.

  10. Sounds like lots of "life" happening at your place (which is what I just noticed you have listed as your occupation in your profile). I can imagine your relief at the washing machine being fixed. Long weekends are not a good time to discover something needs a repair call out, especially a washing machine which does double/triple duty like yours and mine. I love your happy place - looks like my ideal! Your first photo is glorious - such a shame the tree was accidentally destroyed...keep your mind on the progress ahead.

  11. What a lovely post:) I like your blog.

    If you want to see an amazing Swedish hotel..check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  12. What a shame they backed over the tree, beautiful shot of its blossoms. Love that cute dog! Beautiful photography!

  13. I do love the word "disasterized" though the damage is not so wonderful. Your photos are just great! ... sorry it took me a while to stop by to visit, the kids and I have been traveling from Sunday morning until late this afternoon. Thank you for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  14. Krásne fotografie, najviac sa mi páči tá so žabkou :-)

    Beautiful pictures, more than I like the one with the frog :-)