July 26, 2013

Random Five : A Cool Down & Lots of Kids

After all that sticky heat last week, we've been enjoying cool (very cool!) breezes for several days.  Perfection.  It's been sunny by day.  Brisk at night.  Dewey in the morning.  It feels like Fall in July.   Here are five randoms for the week:

1.  Our daughter may not play with Barbies or know who Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift is.. but she is well versed in the greats, like Rocky Balboa, Rudy (Ruettiger), & the Karate Kid.   Here she is teaching the Crane Kick to a young friend. 

(We love this group of young friends, who spent a fun afternoon & evening with us this week!)

2.  Mason & Johnathan got stung by hornets while I was mowing the other day & had asked them to move a few things. There's apparently a nest in our woodshed.  Every summer we find a hazardous hornets nest somewhere or another.  Poor Johnathan's hand really swelled up!  He recovered & has been away working with Dad for a few days.. I look forward to his return tonight.

3.  We had our two-year-old niece over one afternoon this week.  Lilly & Beau adore her, and it seems mutual.  I took her for a Ranger ride to pick some flowers, like any cool Auntie would do.  And then she ate cherries off our tree.  We had a blast.   

4.  Her big brother (12) stayed for a sleepover earlier this month, and I've been enjoying some baby-love moments, holding her sweet new brother.  Our oldest nephew turned 18 last week.  Second littlest niece is four today! (party tomorrow.)  My brother is expecting his first child this fall, which will make 10 nieces & nephews for us. 

5.  At 15, Mason & Eric are keeping busy this summer working with Mitch & weight training for football.   They had football camp in the evenings this week.  (I'm sure glad the weather cooled down for it!) 
They helped their Gramps the last couple of days, cleaning out my parents' barn.  And they come & go whenever possible with their good friend Dale - who is a regular here at our house.
I caught a photo of Eric as they worked on getting formed up for concrete for our addition.  Mason saw the camera & I wasn't so lucky.

For the sake of including a teenage photo - here they are earlier this summer - Our twins on each end, their friends in the middle. (And Lilly peeking into the picture, too.)  They had found a little mud out in the woods behind our house that day. 

Kids, kids, everywhere.  They make summer fun, and they sure make it fly!

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  1. oh you have twins! me too! mine are only 11 though but what a blessing they are! i also have 2 older children 18 and 16 (blessings too!) :) it's been cooler here too in va and i was thinking it felt fallish too...i'm being such a copy cat here :D

    loved all the photos of the happy kids!

  2. SUCH a great bunch! hadn't realized your oldest boys were twins! :) your niece is adorable.

    keep some benadryl on hand in case someone gets stung w/ hornets or bees again! might help a bit!

  3. What adorable children ... even the teenagers!

  4. Amanda,
    We had a cool down this week to. It was in the 70's today. The Rancher and I went fencing and it was brisk!

    The pictures of your two-year-old niece are awesome! I love her facial expressions.

    Looks like there is never a dull moment at your house and plenty of fun times for your family.

  5. I do like the mud shot! Kids!!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Really fine pictures of kids of all ages. I loved them all, Amanda. You are so incredibly fortunate to have them in your life. :-)

  7. It looks like they are having an amazing and enchanted childhood. :)

    We have the same cool weather here, I am adoring it! Such a welcome relief from the heat wave.

  8. It looks as if summer is an active, fun time at your house. Never a dull moment.

  9. That looks like a big happy family! Enjoy! Mud picture is great!

  10. Both my kids are grown and don't live with us anymore. I miss them! Thanks for sharing your kid's photos. Enjoy them while you can, they grow up way too fast!

  11. Ha Ha ...what great photos Amanda!

  12. Summer is definitely about kids. I remember it well!

  13. What great kids -- your twins sound like hard workers. That's awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this week at R5F Amanda! xo

  14. You are so right about kids making summer fun.. I enjoyed reading this post. Lots of great captures here..