July 13, 2013

Random Five Friday : Peachy Keen

1.  My grandma June was born in July.  She turned 88 Monday, so we stopped in to visit with some fresh strawberries.  (We've had a lot of those lately.)

2.  Tuesday our 95 year old neighbor, Mr. Jacobson, brought us a case of fresh peaches.  (You can read a little about Mr. Jacobson, along with a peach crisp recipe here.  We also made these delicious peach preserves with peaches he brought us last year.)
We have the coolest neighbors!  

3.  Wednesday I mentioned that we were off to find some fun.  After I tended to about five gallons of strawberries, we packed up & headed north to see Mitch and the older boys where they're working & stayed the night.

4.  Find some fun we did!  Thursday was a day full of fun in the water & sun.  We even got in on some cliff jumping in Canadian water.  (Lilly taking the low ledge plunge.)

5. This little guy might be about to lose his first tooth (other than that one that's been missing on top for so long now!)
Happy weekend!  

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  1. I do like the cliff jumping picture - seems your kids like to do the same things as mine!!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. It looks like you had so much fun in the water! Great way to spend a summer day :) Those peaches look gorgeous. I've been meaning to buy some peaches lately because they are starting to ripen here. You sure do have some nice neighbors :)

  3. What great shots! They really capture the feeling of summer. I love the cliff jumping one, Amanda. :-)

  4. Peaches and strawberries ... Yum! And I miss my piano but we couldn't find room in our newer downsized house. A good friend got it though for his daughter. :)

  5. Blond little boys with toothless grins -- adorable!

    You reminded me I need to check our peaches -- have an awesome weekend Amanda! xo

  6. oh, you and your kids had a blast! :) love the peaches and your nice neighbor, too!

  7. Yum! I love peaches. They're ripe around here now too. Gotta get me some.

  8. The cliff jumping looks like a lot of fun! Cute little toothless guy.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I think 'coolest neighbors' is an understatement. Strawberries and peaches sound like perfect summer eating. It looks as if everyone had fun up north.

  10. I'm going to make your peach crisp Amanda. It sounds simple and delicious. Your little tooth-losing guy is cute - I have grandkids that age. Your header is wonderful.

  11. Those peaches look so yummy. I LOVE peach cobbler, one of my favorite deserts. I am going to have to try your peach crisp.. I really enjoyed reading your random 5 this week..


  12. Cliff jumping ... Canøt get better than that - Lovely Picture of the moment ... One is jumping down as the other is getting up :)
    Congatulations on your Grandmoms birthday! And those peaches - delicious!
    Enjoy the sweet moments of each day, Amanda!

  13. Amanda,
    Celebrate all the life you can! We are going out to eat on Monday for J’s Cousin’s 25th Anniversary. There are a few couples headed to a steakhouse on a North Dakota boarder town.

    Tomorrow is my Grandpa's b-day. He died 9 1/2 years ago. Mom thinks he would have been 91.

    How fun, and lucky, to have fresh peaches. The store bought peaches and nectarines have been very good lately. Even the Hubby is eating nectarines.

    Looks like you and the family love water. My Hubby is a fish, me not so much.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. Oh man cliff jumping sounds like so much fun!! My perfect day is tons of swimming and for breaks eating tons of peaches of strawberries. Good for you getting in a picture!

  15. Seems you had a great time. Your Mr Jacobson is an amazing man. A box of fresh peaches, what an wonderful gift. your peach crisp looks too good to be true - beautifully photographed. So good to have your grandmother nearby too.

  16. Looks like an amazing trip! I love the cliff jumping, how fun!