July 5, 2013

Red White & Blue

When sharing my recent thrift finds last week, I forgot all about the most quirky of them!
For under two dollars, I found a bag full of old red & white game balls.  
There are ten total.  Five red.  Five white.  One of each color has a dot on it.  
Do you have any idea what they are for?

Research tells me they are most likely for playing English Billiards.
I like their simplicity & nostalgia.
I also got this enamel colander at the same church rummage sale mentioned before.  
It's wonderful for picking our bounty of strawberries.   And I love the blue/gray color.

I like having a bowl of fruit sitting on our kitchen island. 
Goodies around here disappear fast, though.  So, when they do - I've been setting these billiard balls in their place.   They fill the void and make a good conversation piece!  :)

I'm feeling a smidgeon of guilt for having posted a lengthy tribute for Canada Day, and not for our own Independence Day.  Some of my favorite things about the U.S. coming soon!    
Enjoying our long weekend for now.

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  1. Such a sweet found, Amanda!
    I like the history of it - old billiard game balls ... the touch of vintage in them, and they're just pretty - decorating your kitchen!

  2. Lovely story, great photos... Thanks for sharing :)

  3. interesting billiard balls.

  4. Love the colour of the balls in the strainer! Isn'it great to find vintage or even antique things with a history? And it is a kind of recycling....that is what I tell my husband!

  5. Hopefully no one tries to take a bite of the billiard balls. ;) Have a great week Amanda!

  6. What an amazing find. Great picture.

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  7. Those billiard balls (if that's what they are) do look good in your strainer. I'll bet they won't disappear the way the fruit does.

  8. Your billiard balls in the fruit bowl are a bit like painting walnuts to look like strawberries so as to deter birds.

  9. Awesome! Thank you for sharing to Red, White, Blue!